HP DeskJet 6988 Wireless Inkjet Color Printer

HP DeskJet 6988 Wireless Inkjet Color Printer

by Juana Russell
(Birmingham, AL)

HP Deskjet 6988

HP Deskjet 6988

The HP DeskJet 6988 is a great inkjet printer for all home uses. It’s a wireless printer, so you can print from anywhere within your wireless internet range and from any device that has the option to print, as well as directly from PictBridge enabled cameras.

You can even print remotely by connecting to your network through 3G or Wi-Fi in another location. Black pages print at up to 36ppm and color at up to 27ppm. Black pages are close to laser-quality and photos are professional quality.

The printer is very easy to use; just connect the power cable and install the software on your computer and it’s good to go. You can connect the printer to the computer via USB or wirelessly through your local network.

The cartridges can be accessed simply by flipping up the front panel and easily clip in. Replacing cartridges is just as easy as putting them in initially, and replacing paper is as simple as opening the package and sliding some sheets in the tray.

Both the cartridges and the paper are standard types, so neither is overly expensive. The HP DeskJet 6988 has 3 basic printing settings: fast draft, normal quality, and presentation quality, and also offers network printing and wireless printing. The quality is amazing, almost equal to a laser printer, and definitely equal to or exceeding the quality of similarly priced printers, as well as being exceptionally fast.

The HP ink lasts an average amount of time; I get about 6 months of use from the color cartridge and 4 months from the black and white. The photo cartridge varies; I only use it for printing on photo paper, so I have yet to use up a whole cartridge.

I bought this HP DeskJet 6988 printer at best buy about a year ago and have used it almost every day since. I give this printer a 10/10, I can’t find a single problem with it so far, and at $122 new, $55 used, and it’s a great value for the print quality and features.

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