HP DeskJet 932C - Long Lasting Quality Inkjet Printer

HP DeskJet 932C - Long Lasting Quality Inkjet Printer

by Elizabeth Macklin
(Richmond, Virginia)

I have a HP DeskJet 932C printer that I bought in Virginia in the summer of 2000. Although this printer is over ten years old it is still a reliable and functioning printer. It can print in color and in black-and-white, and you can adjust the settings for paper size, paper type, photo printing, as well as other options.

The only downside to having this HP printer in 2010 is that some of the functions, such as changing the printing proportions, are not compatible with later versions of Windows, such as Vista or Windows 7. It is fully functioning on Windows XP. The driver and software are incapable of being updated at this point.

Nevertheless, this inkjet printer is an excellent machine for printing from Microsoft Office products, digital photos, and from the Internet. It is quick and efficient, and you can adjust your ink settings to produce darker or lighter shades according to your needs. The printer is extremely easy to set up.

It originally came with a CD driver, but on newer computer systems once the printer's USB cord is plugged in to the computer, it is detected automatically. The DeskJet 932C comes with a power cord to plug into an electrical socket and a USB cord to plug into your computer. These items came with the printer. The final step is to add two ink cartridges, one color cartridge and one black ink cartridge.

Both ink cartridges are readily available at any office supply store, such as Home Depot. The ink, especially the color ink cartridge is somewhat expensive, but the ink does last a long time. No ink came with the original printer. As this printer only has printing functions, it does not have any of the additional features many newer printers have, such as scanning, faxing, or copying; nor does the printer accept memory cards or have any wireless network abilities.

This HP DeskJet 932C was originally purchased offline in a office supply store. It has been used with both desktop and laptop computers with no problems. Although there are many newer printers available with advanced functions, I am perfectly satisfied with this printer. It suits my everyday needs, is easy to use, and has never needed repair.

I highly recommend looking into newer versions of the HP DeskJet printer if you want an excellent, long-lasting printer.

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