HP Deskjet D2545

HP Deskjet D2545

by Barry Martin
(Trenton, FL)

HP Deskjet D2545

HP Deskjet D2545

The HP Deskjet D2545 was easy to set up and is simple to use. All you have to do is plug in the printer cable to the unit and the computer, plug in the power cable, and start the machine. The software loads automatically when you plug in the HP Deskjet D2545 printer and start the computer.

The HP ink cartridges are easy to install and replace. The paper is easy to add and/or change. The only drawback to the printer is that the paper holder is in the same location as the printed pages, which makes it hard to add paper while you are printing. You almost need to remove the printed pages in order to add paper.

If the Deskjet D2545 runs out of paper or ink during printing, it picks right back up where you left off to finish the print job, once you have added paper or ink. Many printers have faulty memories when a print job is interrupted due to a lack of ink or paper. This printer keeps print jobs in memory and can restart easily where it left off.

It is easy to print labels or envelopes with the HP Deskjet D2545 and also photos and odd size pages. The clarity is excellent for an inexpensive printer. I bought the printer at Wal-Mart and have had the printer for 1-1/2 years. That is a long time for a printer to last and not have ANY problems with it.

Most printers have leaky ink receptacles or faulty paper feeders after a year of use. This machine has had no problems in those regards.

The price of this HP Deskjet was under $50 and the ink cartridges are cheap. A black or color cartridge only costs about $15, and makes about 500-1000 pages depending on density of images. The printer does not scan or copy, nor does it fax. It is only a printer. It is an excellent inexpensive unit, that I would recommend to anyone.

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