HP DeskJet F2210 All In One Printer

HP DeskJet F2210 All In One Printer

by Evette Geib
(Bremerton, Washington)

This review is on the HP DeskJet F2210 All-in-one Printer. This HP machine was called All-in-one because it performed the following functions: printer, scanner, and copier. The printer was purchased on the day after Thanksgiving 2008 Sale-a-Rama at the local Wal-Mart in Bremerton, Washington.

Being as it was only a $25 investment, this HP printer was a great purchase as it continues to work beautifully, for all functions, to this day. Setup for the HP F2210 was a breeze. The printer came with a poster-sized instruction sheet which went from opening the box to full setup and installation. USB and connection cables were included with the new Deskjet.

Setup took just a few minutes to plug in the connection cables to the computer and the electrical outlet. Included in the Deskjet F2210 installation kit was a disc which contained the drivers and the programming guide for activating the printer on the computer.

Two HP ink cartridges were included with the new F2210. There was an HP color cartridge #22 and an HP black & white cartridge #21. These ink cartridges were easily inserted through a front access door above the printing platform. The ink cartridges were tilted forward and snapped into place.

The Deskjet automatically printed a test sheet to align the new cartridges. The test sheet was then inserted into the scanner under the top lid and the scan button pressed to complete the alignment process. The paper feed on the HP F2210 was on
the front.

A door pulled open forward from the front of the printer and laid flat to make a platform. Paper was added on this platform and auto fed to the printer. This platform would hold up to 80 sheets of blank paper. The printer was easy to use. A click of the print button on the computer screen and the document came out within seconds in color or black and white, whichever was preferred.

As stated above, the HP F2210 is a multifunction device. It would print the basic Word document or other document, scan an existing document to an image or text file, and copy a document for printing. The printer was compact, standing 7 inches high, 16 inches wide and 10 inches deep. It fits easily beside the rest of the computer on an small desktop.

Print quality for the HP Deskjet was excellent. It took just a few seconds to obtain quality printed documents from the F2210. The biggest drawback for this printer was the ink cartridges and use of that ink. An average cost for 2 black and 1 color cartridges was about $50.00. Discount multi-packs could be found at local warehouse sales facilities for as low as $36.50.

The expected output from the HP Deskjet F2210 printer cartridges was approximately 300 sheets of printed documents. This expectation was not always achieved, however. All in all, the HP Deskjet F2210 printer was and continues to be, a dependable, reliable and semi-economical printer.

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