HP Deskjet F4580 Multifunction Printer Review

HP Deskjet F4580 Multifunction Printer Review

by Geraldine Albrecht
(Lewisville, Texas)

HP Deskjet F4580

HP Deskjet F4580

We are from Lewisville, Texas and both my husband and I are self-employed, he as an IT systems administrating consultant for several small businesses in the Dallas area and I as a data management and accounting specialist. Our printer at home is a HP Deskjet F4580 multifunction printer.

Our printer was very intuitive to set up and install with the software with which it was packaged or the latest software which could be easily downloaded over HP.com. The package we bought included two ink cartridges, one black and one color, as well as all the necessary cables for a wired installation, but the printer also functions wirelessly.

It states that it requires a USB connection for scanning, but this is only if you wish to be able to use the "scan" button to scan directly to a single computer. You can actually work around this with a webscan utility which allows us to request a scan through any computer on our home wireless network.

It is very easy to use nearly any type of paper from copy paper to cardstock to labels to iron-on transfers in this printer. The ink cartridges are easy to install, and the brand-name HP cartridges are moderately priced and last a reasonable amount of time considering the level of use this HP Deskjet F4580 experiences.

This printer prints wirelessly from any computer on our home WiFi network
and also scans wirelessly in color and black-and-white at various resolutions including PDF format for text through the webscan utility which can be easily obtained through HP.com and installed on almost any computer.

The HP Deskjet F4580 also makes excellent copies in both color and black-and-white. The print quality of this printer is top-notch and documents as well as pictures come out looking great even when printed on the fast draft setting. The speed for both color and black-and-white is more than acceptable for home use at 8-12 ppm.

The printer does not go through ink cartridges too quickly, and the ink cartridges are within a very affordable price range: not more than $15 for black ink and not more than $30 for color.

We do much of our printing in black-and-white to account for this price difference, so we go through a black-and-white cartridge in 2-3 months as opposed to 4-6 months for color cartridges. We bought this printer in July 2010 and have used it ever since.

The HP Deskjet F4580 has been a great machine for our home so far and has given us no maintenance problems or any reason to consider purchasing a new printer yet. We purchased our HP Deskjet F4580 at Wal-Mart for around $80, and whenever we need to replace it, I expect that our first choice will be another multifunction inkjet printer from Hewlett Packard.

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Mar 19, 2012
Value for money
by: Keith

I do recommend everyone this printer. Although quite big, it does everything it is supposed to do without any hassle.

The setup was common-sensical and the printing and scanning speeds are impressive for its price. I have owned HP printers in the past and they have all been very reliable.

Dec 14, 2011
The HP Deskjet F4580 Is A Highly Useful Cheap All In OnePrinter
by: Monique Phillips

I purchased a HP Deskjet F4580 printer for around fifty dollars almost a year ago. I bought it from an actual Walmart Super Center store in Stafford, VA. This printer uses color as well as black ink. It contains a scanner and has wireless technology so that it can be hooked up to a computer network.

The only thing that I found somewhat disappointing is the size. It happens to be too big for my desk so I have to have a separate desk for it. When I first took it out of the box- I noticed that it was packed nicely. The printer itself is square shaped and on the heavy side. It comes in a black color which went nicely with the rest of my technology in my home office.

I'm not sure if the HP Deskjet F4580 comes in any other colors, as black is the only one my store carried. The printer comes with an install disc, one black cartridge, one color cartridge, a power adapter and usb cable. It was fairly easy to set up. All I had to do was insert the disc, follow the instructions, and then hook all the cables up to it. It literally only took a few minutes to install.

The HP Deskjet F4580 printer quality is quite good. I love how it is able to print my digital photos on photo quality paper and make them look like a professional did them. It can print up to 400 full color or black copies. There is a tray that folds down and allows paper size adjustment which makes it easier to print. It does not take long to print a few pages. I would say the print speed is fairly fast and is good for impatient people like myself.

The scanner on the other hand takes some time to warm up (about five minutes or so), but the final result is worth the wait. The HP Deskjet F4580 can print right from the scanner without being hooked up to the computer. It can also make copies and print from digital cameras wirelessly.

The HP Deskjet F4580 install disc comes with HP Photo software that allows simple photo editing. I have used other programs such as MS Paint, Adobe Image Ready and Photoshop to scan and edit photos. It is nice to be able to use other photo software with this printer.

The HP Deskjet F4580 is very easy to use overall and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a printer. The low price of fifty dollars is definitely worth it in the long run. The ink cartridges itself can be on the pricey side though. The black and color ink cartridge sets usually costs about thirty dollars together or you can purchase the black ink by itself for around twenty dollars.

The only thing that I do not like is the fact that it does not have a memory card slot. If it had a memory card slot it would allow quicker printing of photos off my memory cards, but it is not required.

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