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HP Mobile Printers – Portability and Innovation

HP mobile printers provide new and innovative solutions for people on the move. Whether you’re a regular traveler and you want to print as you go, or you’re a business-person who has to move around a lot, Hewlett Packard has designed printers to meet the challenges you’re facing on a daily basis.

These machines are designed specifically to be compact and easily portable, while having the connectivity features to allow you to print directly from various sources such as a PDA.

Higher Performance for Mobile Printing

Some business-people have come to expect lower quality prints from a mobile printer as simply part of the equation. In the past, if you wanted smaller size and more mobility, you’d have to accept a lower quality of output.

HP is attempting to change that dynamic. They’ve introduced new mobile printers which are both portable and high on performance. The Officejet H470, for instance, is capable of printing up to 22 pages per minute in black and white, a speed that gives many bulky, stationary office printers a run for their money.

Wide Variety of Inputs

A portable printer is not much use if you’re limited in the ways you can input data and images to it. That’s why HP has tried to make their mobile printers as flexible as possible in this respect. Most of their mobile printers support multiple memory card formats, USB input, and also have Bluetooth and wireless capabilities either built-in or as an optional extra.

Inkjet Printers – Quality Images, But Expensive to Run

Hewlett Packard's mobile printer range leans towards customers who require high quality image printing, which is why they’re inkjet printers. This is perfect for people whose professional roles involve marketing, advertising or anything relating to visually building a brand, since you can produce high quality color images wherever you are.

The downside, of course, is that the costs of running one of these HP mobile printers can be fairly high. You may find the ongoing cost of ink makes it hard to justify the extra flexibility the printer brings to your lifestyle.

HP Mobile Printers - Clever Design

HP’s newest range of mobile printers have simple but effective design features which make them even more compact. The machines fold up when not in use, making them easier to carry or fit into a suitcase.

More Efficient Energy Usage

Part of HP’s drive for product innovations in recent years has revolved around finding ways to make their products more efficient in terms of the energy they use.

This is true of their mobile printing machines as well, which run on lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. The battery is capable of powering close to 500 prints with each charge.

This is particularly impressive when you consider these machines can print a 4 x 6 color photo in under a minute or black-and-white documents at 22 pages per minute.

Upgrade Options For Hewlett Packard Mobile Printers

As always with HP, you have plenty of options for extras and customization, such as a car power adapter or upgrading to six-ink color for more brilliant and vivid printing.

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