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HP Multifunction Printers – Efficiency at Work and Home

HP multifunction printers have been the trend setters in years past, but are they still leading the charge? HP has attempted to respond to the demands of modern workplaces by creating more compact and affordable machines that can provide a variety of functions. Hewlett Packard has produced a range of both inkjet and laser multifunction printers in an attempt to cater to both business and home users who require a vast array of communication needs, but don’t have a huge budget to spend.

HP Muiltfunction Printers - Lasers

Some of the multifunction units produced by Hewlett Packard are laser printers. This indicates the emphasis HP has been making on long-term low costs of ownership and efficiency in their multifunctions. There are several general features and principles Hewlett Packard has focused on in producing their laser multifunctions.

One of these is streamlining and reducing waste. This is true both for the functioning of the machine itself, making it more efficient in toner and energy use, and for your business as an enterprise, in an attempt to eliminate wasted time and make processes more efficient. In other words, HP has both the productivity of its business customers and the wider impact of its products on society in mind when producing these machines.

Ease of use is another big factor, and this ties in with the previous point. If a machine is difficult to use, this reduces the overall efficiency and productivity of the workplace. HP has attempted to come up with logical, user-friendly designs that make the various functions of these machines easy to navigate, even for new users.

Of course, high quality performances is another priority for HP. This means not only making high-quality printers with a few extra so-so features, but producing units that function equally well as printers, fax machines, copiers and scanners.

HP Muiltfunction Printers - All In One Inkjets

HP’s all-in-one inkjet machines are designed for users who need top quality image prints, and are willing to pay extra to get them. These machines aren’t designed only for business user, although they do provide an excellent solution if part of your daily business tasks involves producing professional looking materials for marketing or communications within the office.

The inkjet all-in-ones from HP are just as much use to a home user as a business user, especially if you’re interested in photography or another hobby which requires the ability to produce high quality images in color. The added bonus of these HP multifunction printers is that not only can you print such quality images directly from a computer, you can also scan existing images or photocopy color images and produce copies that are true to the original.

In fact, Hewlett Packard have split their range of all-in-one inkjets into home and photo printing models and models which are more ideal for business situations. The range of devices they offer is quite impressive, allowing those on a low budget to pick up a cheap but effective machine, while also providing cutting-edge innovations at the high end of the price spectrum.

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