HP Officejet 4500 All In One Wireless Printer

HP Officejet 4500 All In One Wireless Printer

by Arthur Feliciano
(Alpharetta, GA)

HP Officejet 4500 Wireless

HP Officejet 4500 Wireless

The HP Officejet 4500 wireless is a printer that we bought for my family's personal/school/work needs. It's black in color and has a really nice design. It has many features that are well worth the price. There is a scanner, printer, a fax machine and copier.

It can be used by black and tri-color ink. The color ink uses a HP 901 ink cartridge. Personally I've only used this printer for printing and copying. I'm not really familiar with scanning using a printer or faxing through using a printer. Also I don't need to use a scanner or faxing, to me just printing and copying is just enough.

This HP Officejet 4500 was set up by my little sister who is average at setting up and it took fairly little time for her to set it up. I also think this printer has a WiFi printing function so that makes it very convenient in a family of 6 with 5 laptops.

It is very easy to replace paper and replace ink cartridges. You just slide the paper right in the place that keeps the paper to replenish the paper supply. For the ink, there is this panel that you need to pull down and that opens to the places that keeps the two HP ink cartridges.

The HP 901 ink cartridges stop in the right so that you can take them out and put in a brand new one easily. The ink is pretty expensive, especially when you run out of both. They cost around $40.00 together I think. The paper on the other hand isn't that expensive, we bought a pack of 500 sheets for around $9.00.

The print quality of the HP Officejet 4500 is good, it's not the best since this printer was fairly cheap, but it's good enough to satisfy our needs. It doesn't take long for this printer to print out a page, I'd say
it takes about less than 1 minute. Well, that depends on what you're printing though. But even if you're printing a full page with text that fills up the page it would still take less than a minute.

I don't know how expensive it is to run this HP Officejet 4500, but this printer goes on power save when we're not using it. This machine uses up ink depending on how much and what we print. We bought this HP Officejet 4500 in the summer of 2011. We bought it since my siblings were starting school and they would need it for printing homework and projects.

This printer is very easy to use and we have not experienced any problems with it at all in the year that we have owned it. We went in person looking for affordable printers with the features we needed, visiting different stores that sold printers.

After looking around, and not finding what we wanted, we went to a store called Brandsmart USA. We have had good findings from there in the past and bought many of our electronic items and appliances from them. We spent about 10 minutes browsing the store and found two nice machines that we liked with the prices being $120 and $69.99.

The features on the more expensive one sounded nice, but since this was just for basic printing and copying we decided to save some money and we went with the cheaper printer. Luckily this printer was on sale and it was down $20 from the previous price.

And so to get started we got the HP Officejet 4500, a pack of paper, and the black and tri color ink cartridges and went to the checkout. The total was around the lower 100's. It was a nice experience buying our printer that we are very satisfied with. I wouldn't want another printer, this one serves its purpose and is very useful.

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