HP Officejet 6310 - Printer, Scanner, Copier, Fax Machine

HP Officejet 6310 - Printer, Scanner, Copier, Fax Machine

by Joyce Hutchins
(Minneapolis, MN)

HP Officejet 6310

HP Officejet 6310

I purchased a HP Officejet 6310 All-in-One about three years ago at Office Depot and the price was not too expensive. (I believe it was on sale). There is a Disc to program this Officejet 6310, which I didn’t use. There are books on how-to, but I'm not a reader, I am a doer only.

The Printer had to be connected to the computer and telephone line. After I got used to the printer, which was a trial for me...today I know just how it works. The installation was not too difficult, however, all the programs are not connected, I can still get every connection to work for my benefit.

On this HP Officejet 6310 I have a Copier; Scanner and Fax. The paper itself is not hard to insert, there is an undercover copier as well as placing paper on top of the printer. I enjoy faxing, the Ink Jets are a little tight to insert but I finally learned how to insert them. I had no idea the Ink cost as much as it does.

If this HP Officejet 6310 Printer should ever stop working I will certainly price the ink first. The supplies are a little expensive as everything else you buy. The printing functions are good...there are three qualities: Best, Normal and Fast. I only use Normal. There is a scanner (which I don't use that often), however I have to use the book
to remember how to.

I use color ink on bulletins as well as pictures I print for self and others which look very professional....I do enjoy watching them print off. When using the Color Photo Paper (there are several types of photo paper I use Office Depot or Office Max photo paper); believe it or not it never gets stuck in the printer.

I print Business Cards for my husband as well as myself, make fliers, labels, and church bulletins. This copier is a blessing because it is not complicated to learn or operate. I have not had a repair or any major problems. I have called the service techs maybe once or twice and they were very helpful and English speaking.

I do recommend this HP printer to any and everyone. Believe it-or-not I am a senior and this I recommend to seniors as well; only after they enlarge buttons for sight purposes. The only thing I dislike is: when it jams which it does not jam that much, I feel they should put the panel on the side or front not behind the printer.

The HP Officejet 6310 purchase was offline. It's best to go in the store where the techs can explain all the features to you and if you have any questions they are there to answer your question. And yes I would purchase this printer AGAIN. Even though it was made not in the USA.

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