HP Officejet G85 All In One Multifunction Printer

HP Officejet G85 All In One Multifunction Printer

by Ashley McCord
(Racine, Wisconsin)

HP Officejet G85

HP Officejet G85

My printer is the HP Office Jet G85, (the 648C). I live in Racine, Wisconsin. This HP printer was very easy to set up and install which was great because I am not a technical person. The instructions were step by step and included pictures of every step.

It is very easy to replace the ink cartridges and paper. The paper tray is open to the front of the Officejet G85 and readily in view. The compartment that houses the HP ink cartridges is above the paper tray behind a door but is readily assessable.

This Officejet printer is a four in one multifunction model. It faxes, copies, scans and prints. Faxes can come in automatically or manually, whichever you prefer. You can fax one item from the screen manually or you can put multiple copies in a special tray and the printer will fax each sheet in order.

You are able to add more pages to the tray as the printer faxes. As the faxing is taking place the screen will tell you which page is being sent at any given time. The printer will also print out an acknowledgement that the fax was received on the other end if you like.

This HP G85 printer will also inform you if the fax machine does not answer on the other end and will resend the fax in 60 seconds. If the fax is not answered on the receiving end the second time, it will announce that on the screen in a print out and also an audio sound. In other words, you can program the printer to do what you want it to do. It can go from very basic to very high tech.

The machine can print, copy, scan and fax directly from the unit or will perform all the function right from your computer, which ever you prefer. The printer will print or
fax in black only or in color. It will print different quality ink at your preference from draft to best quality. You can change the quality from your PC or from the printer with just the push of a button. It prints fast and is not expensive.

I usually buy the HP ink cartridges in the double pack of one black and one color cartridge together. I get them at an office supply store and usually pay under $50.00. A single pack might be in the neighborhood of $30.00. I don't feel it uses a lot of ink. It lasts me several months.

You can scan an item (including pictures) from the HP Officejet G85 directly into the computer and the printer software wizard will enable to set the picture up the way you want to view it. All of these thing are super simple to use. Besides printing and faxing in black or color, other functions that can be performed include copy set up, fax functions, print records, speed dial set up, basic fax set up, advanced fax set up, maintenance, multiple copies, reduce or enlarge the copy and lighten or darken the copy.

I keep the fax set on automatic. There are instructions on how to set up the fax answering so that the HP Officejet G85 will automatically accept an incoming fax on a single phone line. I have a single phone line and if I'm talking on the phone and a fax comes in, the printer will automatically take over, answer the incoming fax after the number of rings that I have preset, print the fax and return the line to my conversation.

It can be hooked up to a network but mine is not. I bought this printer offline in 2001 and I'm still using it today. I have not had any problems with it. It is just awesome and I love it.

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