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HP Photosmart 145 Printer – A Compact, Quality Photo Printer

The HP Photosmart 145 printer is a compact machine designed primarily for printing 4 x 6 photos. The emphasis with this machine is on its small size and portability. As a result, it’s not a particularly feature-heavy machine. It provides you with the basics to print PC-free photos of a fairly high quality.

Top Features of the Photosmart 145 Printer

It’s hard to find a photo printer for a similar price and of a similar size that can rival the quality of prints produced by the Photosmart 145. The unit doesn’t have a wide range of features – it’s more or less specialized to printing 4 x 6 photos, but this is a task it performs extremely well.

As mentioned, one of the biggest features of this machine is its portability and PC-free printing, so that’s why you’ll find four different memory card slots. HP has aimed to ensure a wide range of compatibility for different memory cards, allowing them to cater to plenty of different camera users.

The machine also includes a two-line LCD screen. While this doesn’t provide the same ease-of-use as a full picture LCD screen, it would be difficult to include such a screen on such a compact printer. The two-line screen increases the user-friendliness of the unit, making it easier to operate.

The unit also has fairly comprehensive support for both PCs and Macs, and it comes with software that allows you to edit images and create basic photo slideshows on your computer.

Downsides of the HP Photosmart 145 Printer

Although the machine is capable of producing quality photos, it does so quite slowly. It takes around 90 seconds to print an average 4 x 6 photo. Printing out a batch of photos from a holiday or a day at the beach can easily take well over an hour.

The lack of a USB cable is another issue. While the printer is capable of printing without a PC, if you do want to use a PC to edit pictures before printing you’ll need to provide your own USB cable.

Another minor downside is that you’re stuck buying HP photo paper, as the printer doesn’t produce the same quality of prints when alternative paper brands are used.

Consumer Response to the Photosmart 145

The Photosmart 145 is one of HP’s products which has earned itself a very positive following from consumers. In fact, it’s attracted much less criticism for faults and malfunctions than many of HP’s other printers, even some of their most popular products.

While the machine is slow, it makes up for this somewhat in its reliability. And of course, its easy portability is one of the features many customers love. Because it’s so small and easy to handle, you can even take it on vacation with you and print photos at the end of each day.

Ease of use is another key feature that has made this little machine a favorite. It’s easy to install, edit photos and print a high quality shot in a matter of minutes, straight from a camera’s memory card.

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