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HP Photosmart 375 Printer – Portable and Easy to Use

The HP Photosmart 375 printer is one of the compact high-quality photo printers available from Hewlett-Packard. This machine is designed with portability and ease of use in mind. It’s capable of taking images from a variety of inputs, and it delivers what it promises in terms of quality. This has earned the printer strong support from many satisfied customers.

Top Features of the HP Photosmart 375

HP’s products are all about simplicity, efficiency and easy customization. The Photosmart 375 is no exception here. The layout of the user interface is designed to make this machine particularly user-friendly, so it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

The machine comes with a 2.5-inch LCD screen which makes it simple to view and edit photos before you print. But there’s more to this screen than you might expect.

One of the key advantages HP has developed on some of its photo printers is the capability of printing still shots directly from video clips. You can playback a video directly from a memory card, USB drive or via a USB link and watch it displayed on the printers LCD screen.

From there you can freeze on a particular frame and then print it. You can even print a series of still shots from the same video. This is one feature that really makes HP’s photo printers stand out from the competition.

Affordability is another key factor to take into account when you consider purchasing this machine. It’s price is extremely competitive when you take into account the quality of the prints produced and the range of features the machine boasts.

The input options for this machine make it easy to use for printing photos without a PC. You can import images directly from a camera via PictBridge, from a memory card or via USB. There is also an additional option to include Bluetooth capabilities. These factors all increase the ease of use of the machine and make it more portable.

Downsides of the HP Photosmart 375 Printer

This machine has exhibited one of the major problems to plague many HP printers: paper jams and incorrect feeding. This is not the case on all these printers, but a significant number of these units will display problems when it comes to feeding paper correctly.

The other major downside of this machine – again, common to many HP units – is that it’s fairly expensive to run. On the plus side, this machine is more compatible with certain non-HP inks and papers than some other HP units, so you’re not necessarily stuck buying from HP.

Consumer Response to the Photosmart 375 Printer

For the most part, consumer response to this product has been quite positive. The simplicity of operation and excellent quality of prints make this a popular machine.

One problem that has arisen with this machine is the appearance of "dud" units. In other words, some customers have found their unit simply didn’t work out of the box. To further complicate the issue, many users have had difficulties in dealing with HP’s customer support system, making it hard to resolve problems when they do arise.

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