HP Photosmart 6510 Color Inkjet All In One Printer Review

HP Photosmart 6510 Color Inkjet All In One Printer Review

by Alejandra Belanger
(Portland, Maine)

HP Photosmart 6510

HP Photosmart 6510

I own the HP Photosmart 6510, which is an all-in-one printer, copier, and scanner. I bought it in-store from Best Buy (in Portland, Maine) about a year ago because I was sick of my old HP printer. I use my new printer on average every day. I'm a college student and I use it to print out all of my reports and class materials. It works pretty well but there are a few things I don’t like about the HP Photosmart 6510.

I initially chose this printer because the quality of the images it prints out are fantastic. It has a feature where if you put in photo-quality paper, it will print out pictures and they will look like you just came from the darkroom yourself!

I’m interested in photography so I figured that the higher quality of the pictures, the better. Unfortunately, I’m finding less and less time to use this feature of the printer because most of what I print out now is school-related. However, I can say that any pictures I print out for school reports look pretty snazzy!

Another reason I chose this HP Photosmart 6510 printer over another one was that it is a scanner and a copier as well as a printer. I love the scanning feature especially because I can take any documents or files I need for school and instantly digitize them.

When I first bought this printer it was extremely easy to set up. All I had to do was connect
a few wires and put in a new ink cartridge and I was finished! It was very self-explanatory, but there were also thorough instructions and a help line if anybody got confused.

One thing I hate about my HP Photosmart 6510 all-in-one is that it is extremely slow. The scanner can take up to two minutes for one scan, and when I’m in a hurry that just isn’t acceptable. The copier feature is even worse--it can take five minutes for one copy. Usually I just don’t bother with the copier anymore.

Even when printing something out, unless it’s a plain text document, it can take a while for the document to come out. Sometimes I find it easier to walk to the campus library instead of printing out my documents myself because the library printer is so much faster.

The other thing I don’t like about my printer is that it uses up a lot of ink. Sometimes I have to replace the ink every month! Ink costs way too much for me to continue using this printer. I tried to cut back and only buy the black and white cartridge, but it means that my pictures always come out grainy.

I used to love this HP Photosmart 6510 printer, but now it’s starting to become the bane of my existence. It’s extremely slow and expensive to use, so despite the high quality images it produces and the extra features it has, I think I’ll be getting a new printer again soon.

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