HP Photosmart C4780 Wireless

HP Photosmart C4780 Wireless

by James Phelps
(Southfield, MI)

HP Photosmart C4780

HP Photosmart C4780

I own a HP Photosmart C4780 All-in-One Printer. What I can say about this printer is that I love the fact that it is wireless and you can use it from pretty much anywhere in the house if you have a WiFi connection to it.

It prints good - the HP ink cartridges are expensive, but which ones aren't? It also has a scanner, copier, and memory card slot on it which is handy when you need it.

The one thing that I have a problem with is that the HP Photosmart C4780 wireless printer is set up to be the printer owner on another computer so that makes it hard to print wirelessly from my laptop. I have not figured out how to change this, so I am stuck with plugging in the printer manually to my laptop for every use.

It also likes to read offline when I would like to print. But it is easy to use if you know what you are doing and have figured out what you need to do to get to work. Like I can't just manually plug it in, I have to go through certain steps like turning it on before I plug it into my laptop.

The HP Photosmart C4780 was easy to install though I had to go to HP.com and install it from their website, which is good because Hewlett Packard does have all their product installations on their website.

The cables are simple to install as well as the ink. It's pretty basic. Same with the paper. The print quality is excellent as long as you set the setting on your computer. It is kinda slow if you are printing pictures, but it's not so bad. It really depends on what you are printing if it uses a lot of ink, like if you are printing something with a picture it takes a while, but if you are printing a letter then it can be fast.

I bought this HP Photosmart C4780 in store about 2 years ago and I am still using it.

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