HP Photosmart C5280 Printer Review

HP Photosmart C5280 Printer Review

by Thomas Lynch
(Cambridge, MA)

HP Photosmart C5280

HP Photosmart C5280

The HP Photosmart C5280 All-in-one printer is a very good device. The overall form of the machine is that of a standard all-in-one printer. It has a scanner/copier tray on top of the printer and a paper tray on the bottom front of the printer.

It uses HP 74 and 75 ink cartridges. In terms of ink expenses, the printer is middle of the pack. If you use the XL size black cartridges they last a decent amount of time. The print quality for black and white text is great. The print quality for color pictures is decent at best. It is by no means a photo printer, but for amateurs it works well.

The HP Photosmart C5280 copier is good if you only need normal eight and a half by eleven copies. It isn’t the fastest copier out there, but it isn’t super slow either. The scans from the printer are of good quality. The scan time is slightly longer than the median time in the printer’s category.

The HP Photosmart C5280 is not a wireless printer. You must use a USB cable (not included) to connect it to your computer. The driver is easy to install and easy to find on the internet if you lose the installation disk. It works with Windows machines running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. The power cable is included.

It has a small LCD screen on the top of the printer to help navigate menu options. There seems to be a lot of different options to choose from depending on the quality of the work you need done on the particular project.

On the front of the printer are slots for media cards. This is nice since it allows you to print images or files from the cards without having to go through a computer. It also includes the ability to print images on a CD. I bought this printer in 2007 from Staples and it is still working very well.

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