HP Photosmart D110 Printer, Scanner And Copier Review

HP Photosmart D110 Printer, Scanner And Copier Review

by John Matthews

HP Photosmart D110

HP Photosmart D110

This review is for the HP Photosmart D110 printer, which is also a scanner and copier. I actually first bought one of these in March 2010 when I acquired a new computer as well. I was excited because this was to be a wireless setup.

The installation as such was easy because there really wasn't anything that had to be done except to turn it on and make sure it was reading correctly. However, from the get go, it was odd.

Printing took a long time, and this wireless setup did not function like it should. I frequently could not get the Photosmart D110 printer to turn on at all. In fact, I often had to unplug it and plug it back in in order for it to work.

Even using the physical connection to the computer did not help this printer in reliability. Sometimes it worked right, and all too often, it would not power on correctly.

HP finally agreed to let me get a replacement Photosmart D110, and what a night and day difference. The speed is now excellent, and I have no complaints there at all.

The wireless function on this HP Photosmart D110 works as well, though I went ahead and connected it to the computer at the beginning. However, I not had a single issue with the on/off issue since getting this replacement in February 2011. It comes on automatically whenever I make a printing command, which is so convenient.

The one thing I have a problem with sometimes is the paper being pulled through. Sometimes it does not quite connect or something, and I have to eject the paper and put it in again. I have no idea what the issue is there. It is a slight annoyance, though,
and I am okay dealing with it.

Inserting the ink cartridges on the HP Photosmart D110 are not as easy as I would like. Perhaps it is my big hands, but they do not snap in as easy as I would like. Cost is average in my opinion to other ink cartridges.

What is perturbing is that after inserting cartridges, it goes through an alignment procedure that includes the scanner. You have to let it go through the whole thing or the next time you want to print or scan, it will not do it until the alignment is complete.

The scanner is great. It is easy to just pop in whatever I want to scan, select my choices on image quality and such, and go for it. It has not given me any trouble at all. The same is true for the copy function. All of this has always worked beautifully for me.

I like how lightweight this HP Photosmart model is, and the way it is packed. It actually comes in this neat tote bag so you can easily lift it out of the box. Then you can use the tote for whatever you want. This is the first time I have ever seen a product packed in that way.

On the whole, I really am happy with the HP Photosmart D110. The original printer was purchased at Office Depot in my city of Sacramento, while the replacement was shipped to me through the HP store online. Customer service was pretty good with the return. They really did want to make me happy.

The new printer has clear print, easy to read, and functions wonderfully, aside from that one problem with how the paper pulls. So overall, it gets a passing grade from me.

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