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HP Printers And Consumer Reviews

HP printers are known for producing consistent, high quality images and print.

Hewlett-Packard produces a diverse range of printers covering home and business needs. The range consists of multifunction machines, inkjets and photo inkjets, laserjets and large format printers.

HP is widely recognized (based on revenue and sheer number of products sold) as one of the leading manufacturers of all these types of devices.

Hewlett-Packard is one of the true success stories of American business, starting up from a garage in 1939 and growing to become one of the largest electronics technology giants in the world.

Useful Benefits of HP Printer Models

HP Photosmart 6510
HP Photosmart 6510
One of the most notable and often-repeated benefits of buying HP is the quality their machines produce.

Not only that, but the range of models they produce and the combinations of features that range allows mean there is almost certainly a HP printer that will perfectly suit your needs or those of your business.

They also tend to offer discounts on printers when you buy a computer as well, so buying both from Hewlett Packard can make sense financially for a budding business.

HP also has a big commitment to environmentally friendly business standards. Many of their printers are made from 30% or more recycled plastic.

HP also offers comprehensive solutions for mobile and wireless printing. Some of their printers have the capability of connecting to the Internet, allowing you to print images or text directly from the web without the need for a computer.

Checkout one of their recent add campaigns that went viral across the internet. You may have seen it before... you know, the one with the happy baby.

How Many HP Printers Are Out There?

In order to make it simple to choose from amongst their wide range, HP has created nicknames for groups of its printers which indicate what kind of user the machine is designed for. These are:

Deskjet – the Deskjet range is essentially Hewlett-Packard’s basic printer for the home. It does an adequate job of printing color images and black-and-white text documents, but it’s not intended for professional or advanced uses.

If you need a basic printer with a range of standard functions for personal needs or a very small business, a Deskjet should do the job. Deskjets are all inkjet printers.

Officejet – the next step up from Deskjet printers, Officejets are ideal from home and small business needs. Several of the Officejet printers are multifunction devices, offering scanning, copying and faxing capabilities on top of high quality color printing.

HP Officejet 4500
HP Officejet 4500

Designjet – the Designjet range is HP’s series of large format printers. They’re designed for a very small segment of the population – so they come with fairly hefty price tags.

These printers are designed for use by professionals who require highly detailed, large prints such as graphic designers, architects, or advertisers who require large, high-quality printed posters.

HP LaserJet – the HP LaserJet range is designed for those who need high quality color images combined with a range of other functions, like networking capabilities.

Photosmart – the range of HP Photosmart Printers provide simple and effective photo printer solutions for both individual and business users. Many of these come with a small color display screen to make it easier for the less technology-savvy user to create the desired results on the first print.

Have You Used A HP Printer?

We want your reviews on HP printers. Do you like them? Do you hate them? Are they too expensive? Do they drink ink? Whatever you think about your HP printer, please tell us.

HP Printer Reviews

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HP PSC 1315 All In One Printer Not rated yet
The HP PSC 1315 all in one printer, scanner and copier has worked beautifully for me. I bought this printer from Office Max about 8 years ago. This printer …

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I am from Virginia Beach and the printer that I use most often for my home use and for schoolwork is an HP Deskjet F4480. I don’t think they retail for …

HP Officejet 6310 - Printer, Scanner, Copier, Fax Machine Not rated yet
I purchased a HP Officejet 6310 All-in-One about three years ago at Office Depot and the price was not too expensive. (I believe it was on sale). There …

HP Deskjet D2545 Not rated yet
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HP DeskJet 6988 Wireless Inkjet Color Printer Not rated yet
The HP DeskJet 6988 is a great inkjet printer for all home uses. It’s a wireless printer, so you can print from anywhere within your wireless internet …

HP DeskJet F2210 All In One Printer Not rated yet
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HP Officejet G85 All In One Multifunction Printer Not rated yet
My printer is the HP Office Jet G85, (the 648C). I live in Racine, Wisconsin. This HP printer was very easy to set up and install which was great because …

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I have a HP DeskJet 932C printer that I bought in Virginia in the summer of 2000. Although this printer is over ten years old it is still a reliable and …

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