HP PSC 1315 All In One Printer

HP PSC 1315 All In One Printer

by Lonnie Rader
(Lexington, KY)

The HP PSC 1315 all in one printer, scanner and copier has worked beautifully for me. I bought this printer from Office Max about 8 years ago. This printer was very easy to install, it came with a disc and easy install instructions. There is a cord that plugs into the computer and one that plugs into the wall socket.

The ink that this model takes is HP56 black and HP57 color and together they cost around $55 at Staples. YOu can get generic ink for alot cheaper but I found they either leak or are just not as good quality as the HP ones.

The ink cardtridges on the HP PSC 1315 are very easy to install, open the front cover, take out the old and replace with the new. Once the ink has been replaced a test page will print, you scan it back in and you are back in business. The ink HP56 and HP57 seem to last for around 300 or so copies. Sometimes the black runs out quicker than the color because of what I print out.

The scanning ability of this model works wonderful and comes in very clear on the computer screen. It is very easy to find anything that you have scanned and saving it works well. I have been able to scan documents with very small writing and it comes out very clear and readable.

The copier works excellent and is very fast. Push the copy button and it begins to copy right away. The copies are very clear and never has smudges. I have made many copies and prints over the last 8 years and the copier works just as good as it did brand new.

One of the reasons I bought this HP PSC 1315 printer was because it has a Pictbridge socket for my camera. I could just plug in the camera cord and print my pictures. The printing of pictures is awsome. The color and clarity of the pictures come out great.

I print alot of pictures on this printer and it never has waivered in its clarity. The prints always come out fast, no sticking up of paper, no matter what weight the paper is or glossy, or matt. The machine is easy to load paper, it is a front loader, just put in and it goes right through. I never have any paper jams or problems with this copier, printer. Even though this HP PSC 1315 is now old I love it and hope it works for years to come!

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