Kodak EasyShare 5100 Inkjet Printer

Kodak EasyShare 5100 Inkjet Printer

by Richard Robinson
(Rochester, MN)

kodak EasyShare 5100

kodak EasyShare 5100

I purchased a Kodak EasyShare 5100 All-In-One Printer about four years ago for personal use at home. I bought it at the local Walmart during a sale. I don't remember how much it cost, but it was very reasonable.

I was actually shopping for only the color cartridges for my old printer (I don't remember what brand that was), but the Kodak EasyShare 5100 with ink cartridges was not that much more expensive than the purchase of just the ink cartridge for my old printer would have been.

To be honest, the price was so low that I had low expectations for the all in one EasyShare 5100. It almost felt like I was buying a "disposable" printer. But four years later after much use, I know I made a great decision in buying the EasyShare 5100 inkjet.

It has a scan feature and a copy feature that work very well. The ink cartridges seem to last longer than other printers I've had, and when I do need to replace the ink cartridge, it doesn't cost too much.

Setting the printer up after I bought it was very easy. I've changed the computer that I have it set up to three times, and every time it worked without any problems.

The only time that I get an error message is when I run out of paper. Adding paper is very easy; it just slides into a slot in the tray at the front.

The Kodak EasyShare 5100 also has the option of printing on photo paper, but I only had the need to use that feature once. The one time I used it, it worked very well. It's very easy to change the ink cartridges and only requires two cartridges - one for color and one for black. Plus I like the way the machine looks.

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