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The Kodak Easyshare 5300 – All-in-One Printer, High Quality Photos

The Kodak Easyshare 5300 is one of the all-in-one printers on offer from Kodak. The printer boasts multiple functions including scanning and copying. Its real strength is photo printing, and more specifically the biggest advantage is being able to create quality prints at an affordable price thanks to Kodak’s innovations in printer ink technology.

Top Features of the Easyshare 5300

For the average consumer looking for a home printer to cover a variety of functions, the Easyshare 5300 does a pretty good job all around. It comes with two USB ports and is capable of printing without a computer, so you can print directly from an external memory device.

As mentioned, the biggest benefit consumers rave about is the savings on ink cartridges. Kodak’s technology means that not only does their ink produce more prints, you don’t actually have to buy a new cartridge every time you run out – you just buy an ink refill. This means it’s cheaper to top up on ink and you don’t have to do it as often as with most competing printers. To put this in more exact terms, you can potentially print over 120 high quality color prints without having to refill your ink. That’s a lot more than what most other products can put out.

Another big plus of the Kodak Easyshare 5300 is that when it’s printing, you hardly even notice it’s there. The machine runs very smoothly and quietly.

The most surprising thing is that despite the savings on ink, the quality of the prints the 5300 produces is extremely high. Kodak aimed to create machines that produce "lab quality" photos, and they’ve more or less hit the mark.

Of course, the fact that it’s a multifunction unit shouldn’t be forgotten. If you have need for a scanner, it’s rare to find an all-in-one printer for a similar price which can both scan and print such great quality photos at this cost.

Criticism of the Easyshare 5300

The Easyshare 5300, like many of Kodak’s other printers, has taken a lot of heat over the lack of editing capabilities offered. For instance, you can’t crop photos from the control panel. So although you can use the LCD screen to view what you’re printing before you print, you actually have very little ability to change that image through the printer itself.

As a standalone machine (in other words, when not connected to a computer), the printer doesn’t perform that well compared to other similarly priced multifunction printers.

Another criticism many users have is that the printer can be difficult to install and get up and running. If you purchase it, you’re best to get on the Kodak website and download all the latest device drivers and software you need. This will eliminate most of the installation hassles that might arise and save you having to get on the phone to Kodak support. Also, make sure you read and thoroughly understand the installation instructions – don’t go in all gung ho and try to figure it out as you go.

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