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Kodak Easyshare Printer Docks – Portable Printing without a PC or Cables

Kodak Easyshare Printer Docks are making it easy to print high quality photos at an affordable cost while you’re travelling or "on the move". These machines are portable and allow you to simply "dock" your digital camera and then print photos straight away. You don’t have to go through a computer and there’s no need for external memory sticks. Let’s look at some of the printer docks currently on offer from Kodak.

Printer Dock PLUS

Pros: The Kodak Printer Dock PLUS is amongst the easiest portable printers to use, and it also happens to produce extremely high quality prints. On top of that, it’s quite affordable compared to other models with similar output and specifications. It’s best used as a standalone printer when shooting outdoor photos.

Cons: One of the biggest drawbacks of this model is that while it’s easy to print from as a standalone unit, it’s not so easy to use combined with a computer. Anything shot indoors in low light or using a flash will need some touching up via computer before printing, and this is where the machine falls short. Other downsides are the fact that this model can’t run on batteries, so an AC power supply is required – which limits its portability quite a bit – and photo sizes are limited to 4 by 6 inches.

Printer Dock Series 3

Pros: This is probably the best of all the Kodak Easyshare printer docks. Like the Dock PLUS, the Dock Series 3 has been designed to be very easy to use. You can transfer images from your camera to the printer with the touch of a button. The dock also provides the benefit of recharging your camera while it sits in the dock. It can fully recharge a flat battery in around three and a half hours.

Cons: One common complaint with this machine is its inconsistency. Many owners have problems with paper jams and the paper feeding mechanism. The printer does a great job when it’s working correctly, but you can’t always rely on it to work as it should. This problem is something heavy users should be aware of, as customers who print a lot of pictures tend to find these paper problems occurring earlier in the life of their printer.

G610 Printer Dock

Pros: One of the upsides of this printer dock is the protection from damage that each print carries. Prints from the G610 are resistant to fingerprints, water damage and stains. The extra coating put on the images also prevents smudging after you take the photos out of the tray. Like the Series 3, the G610 also charges your camera’s battery while it’s docked.

Cons: One of the drawbacks of this model is that it only comes with enough paper and ink to print five pictures, so if you want to get stuck into using it right away you’ll have to purchase more paper and ink separately. Complaints about paper feeding and jamming, similar to the Series 3, have also plagued the G610. Some users have even found the product doesn’t feed paper properly when the dock is fresh out of the box.

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