Kodak ESP 2170 All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer

Kodak ESP 2170 All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer

by Nelson Ray
(Lancaster, Ohio)

Kodak ESP 2170

Kodak ESP 2170

I want to tell you about my Kodak ESP 2170 All-in-One Printer. I have had a home computer since the mid-90's and honestly what good is it to have a PC without a printer? My first printer was a dot-matrix printer I cannot even remember the name, but I do remember it was noisy, heavy and expensive and only printed in black and white.

My next printer was a little more advanced, it was a Canon inkjet and the cartridges were not really expensive but they didn't last long. It printed okay-ish but you could definitely tell the prints were from an at-home sub-par printer.

The next printer I bought was an all-in-one from Lexmark, let's just say it was junk and at leave it at that. It broke almost immediately and was never used that often. By now I was getting really tired of the "junk" printers and it was about 2004 and I purchased an Epson all-in-one printer for about $250 dollars.

The salesperson at Best Buy here in Lancaster, Ohio said they were real work-horses and gave excellent prints. He was right the machine lasted about four years and it did a great job but the one caveat was that when the cartridges needed replace (there were four in total) you had to shell out $100 dollars! I cringed each time I returned to buy the cartridges, as they were slowly bankrupting me.

Finally when this printer died, I bought another Epson but took a friends advice and started buying generic ink cartridges from people on eBay. I saved a lot of money because for $25 I could buy twenty cartridges and refill about five different times.

The only
trouble is, sometimes they didn't work and they gummed the printer up and eventually led to its demise. So, back to the store I go looking for another printer. I was determined to purchase another Epson and just deal with the ink prices.

But then something caught my eye, Kodak had new all-in-one printers and it said on the package that they had the lowest price per print in the industry. I even checked the prices of their refill cartridges right then and there and they weren't fibbing!

I thought for a while and decided for $99 dollars I would take the chance; the worst it could do is "guzzle" cartridges and if that were the case I would start from scratch again.

I brought it home and the installation was a breeze, I normally use my Kodak ESP 2170 for reports and such as it is not cost effective to print pictures at home. I thought just once I would print a picture, turns out they were wonderful!

I found the Kodak all in one inkjet printer to be very efficient and cost effective. It doesn't "drink" ink cartridges and they are affordable and all your prints look top-notch. I like that I don't have to pay huge sums of money for refill cartridges or have to settle for generic ink.

I can easily afford to purchase cartridges when I need them, locally and at a fair price. I love all the other features of this printer, scanner, copier and fax machine. I love to scan old photos and put them online and this is wonderful for that too. Try a Kodak ESP 2170 All-in-One Printer and you'll be glad you did!

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Oct 21, 2011
Best All In One Inkjet Printer I Have Ever Had
by: Trina Rigsby

First off, I must say that this is the best printer I have had to date, and I have had at least 3 in the past few years. It is hard to find a good solid printer that won't die on you within the first 6 months or get a horrible paper jam that leaves you digging out clumps of paper with tweezers.

I purchased this one about 5 months ago for less than $100 along with extra ink cartridges (that are a great price as well).

I was really looking forward to this particular printer because for one, I love Kodak products and I have never tried a Kodak printer so I was excited about it, and on top of that it was wireless so I could set it up on my home network where everyone would be connected and could print on just one printer without the fuss of chords being drug all-over the house.

The wireless printing works like a dream and is super easy to set up. Not only does this all in one machine copy, scan, print, etc., it does beautiful photo print's, which was a major deal to me when looking for a printer, and it is speedy at printing as well.

The ink cartridges are cheaper then a lot of major brands which is a plus if you do a lot of printing, and the cartridges last longer than most of my other printers/cartridges I have used in the past.

Overall I think this Kodak ESP 2170 printer is a great buy and would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice photo/everyday printer.

Oct 21, 2011
Really Useful Kodak Inkjet - Superb For Photos
by: Paula Roberts

My Kodak printer is an AIO model ESP 2170 inkjet. I am from Oklahoma city, Oklahoma. I LOVE this printer not only because it is easy to use but Kodak is a very supportive manufacturer. They make their drivers available on the internet in case you lose the CD that comes with the printer and the support staff are very helpful.

They helped me setup my printer in a matter of minutes. The setup of the ESP 2170 is extremely easy, it walks you through step by step once the machine has been connected.

If you need additional assistance, there are also directions and troubleshooting guides on Kodak's website, plus the support staff are very knowledgeable.

Adding photo paper is very simple it just goes in the front, the ink cartridges are color coded and have pictures to show how to insert correctly. The cartridges are not that expensive to buy but they are hard to find. I tried to find them at Walmart and they did not carry them, they had to be specially ordered.

This ESP 2170 all in one printer allows for scanning, printing from a memory card, and faxing. The printer runs quickly and prints very well, however, it does use a lot of ink. I frequently use my printer to print pictures and they are always frame-worthy.

They do take some time to dry though due to the amount of ink they use and can smudge if you do not allot time for drying. I have had my Kodak inkjet for 5 years and still am using the same one. I bought the device for school and it has quickly become my go-to equipment for office, personal, and school use. I have never had any technical issues with the printer, it has performed just fine. I bought it offline in a store in Oklahoma City.

Oct 18, 2011
Good All Round Inkjet Printer - Scanner And Fax Not Really Useful
by: Daryl Buxton

At a previous job in Oxford Ohio our office used a number of printers, including the Kodak ESP Office 2170 inkjet printer. We purchased the unit directly from Kodak through sales staff as part of a larger sales lot.

This is a fairly bog-standard all-in-one printer/fax machine/scanner, with no outstanding strengths or weaknesses. The Kodak 2170 is fairly easy to connect to a computer, although in today's market very few printers are not easy to set up. This printer supports wireless connectivity through a standard 802.11 network but we used a physical connection.

The printer very seldom went out of sync with the computer it was connected to. No other computers were configured to print to this computer either directly or through a windows printer share.

Printing functionality for the ESP 2170 printer was decent. Its primary limitation is that it is not a true production printer; a large office will quickly consume the ink cartridges which, while affordable, lack the capacity of larger toner drums. Prints are fast, and show shearing or spotting only when cartridges are very low.

The ESP 2170 Office printer was adequate for our uses, proofing documents and creating one-offs of larger print lots. Faxing was as good as faxing can be, which isn't saying much. Faxing is trying at the best of times, and as is usually the case, sending faxes from this printer was a little less straightforward than one would like.

I think faxing is largely a relic of the past that all-in-one printers still support merely because all the parts of fax functionality are already there. Only a few rather old-fashioned business contacts requested or sent faxes.

Scanning is probably the weakest aspect of this Kodak printer as it is too slow for heavy use. For home users, the speed is not a serious barrier, but if you routinely commit large numbers of pages to electronic files you will want a speedier unit with more automation features.

Scans were clear and fairly easy to perform although I generally did so through innate Windows functionality and not the somewhat bloated pack-in software.

Overall this is a decent all-in-one inkjet printer for home users with a price point that is totally in-line with competitors. For most business needs it will start to show limitations, particularly with regards to speed and consumable usage.

It is inexpensive to run under standard home loads, but in a high-turnover environment, these consumables will quickly add up to a bit of cost.

It's hard to say, but I think the cost of repeatedly buying many small cartridges would eventually overcome the cost of infrequently buying large toner drums. I will say that this is a very reliable printer that never experienced a failure during the two years I used it.

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