Kodak ESP 3250 Color Inkjet Printer

Kodak ESP 3250 Color Inkjet Printer

by Manuel Johnson

Kodak ESP 3250

Kodak ESP 3250

I am a Washington citizen and own a Kodak ESP 3250. I have a great printer that I do not regret buying. In fact, if somebody asked me what kind of printer to get, I'd recommend the one that I have.

To start, the ESP 3250 is a great all-in-one printer for general purpose use. It performs all of the tasks you would expect a printer of this caliber to perform, and more. It can hold up to 100 sheets of paper. I love it.

The alternative to that is twenty sheets of photo paper. Both are adequate for my daily needs, and they should be adequate for everybody else's, too. The use and set-up of this Kodak inkjet printer is very easy. Anybody with basic technological skill could set this machine up, hassle free.

The Kodak ESP 3250 all in one printer weighs 14 pounds, which is light enough for anybody to handle with ease. Adding paper and replacing ink cartridges is a breeze, however, ink cartridges cost more than I would like to pay.

The paper is cheap, though. I rarely run out of paper because I'm always stocked up on extra since it's so cheap. This printer also has scanning and copying. The quality of both of these functions is decent, but not much past average. The overall print quality is quite the same.

It prints at an average speed, and uses about as much ink as you would expect a printer in this price range to use. Maybe a bit more. I bought this printer online, and I still use it to this day.

Once again, I would recommend this Kodak ESP 3250 color inkjet to somebody that was looking for a basic printer with some extra functions to make life a little bit easier. The scanner and copying features, as well as cheap paper and easy usability make the ESP 3250 a great buy!

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Nov 28, 2011
Kodak ESP 3250: Quite Bulky And Loud
by: Olive M. Johnson

I have the Kodak ESP 3250 all in one printer, it is a multi-printer. It copies, scans and prints, text and color photos. It is very easy to use and the set up was minimal at best.

I just plugged it in, put the ink cartridges in and off I went. When I purchased the item it came with a colored ink cartridge and a black cartridge. I purchased the printer from Wal-Mart, I got it for a good price and the shipping was free, that was awesome.

This printer does utilize the ink fairly well and the copy quality is excellent. Photos come out remarkably clear and the black text is pretty good also.

The only problem I have with this Kodak ESP 3250 printer is that I have only had it for less than 6 months and it is already starting to act up. The mechanism on the inside that grabs the paper started acting up fairly quickly. Sometimes it grabs the paper and other times I have to stand guard and make sure that I give the paper a little nudge.

The Kodak ink is not that expensive compared to other inks and some of the auction sites have a package deal available that is a real bargain. The quality of printing is excellent, but it is a little slower at printing than I would like, and it is very noisy.

Even when I turn it on to start it up it is the loudest thing I have ever heard. Overall it is a good printer, it just seemed to start having problems a little too early on for my taste.

The other thing I noticed is that it was a little larger than I had anticipated; I had to purchase a separate table just to put it on because it took up too much space on my desk. The Kodak ESP 3250 is an inexpensive model and it is worth giving it a try.

Oct 20, 2011
Good Basic Inkjet Printer Without Wireless Connectivity
by: Leila McAfee

I would like to tell you about my Kodak 3250 all in one printer. One of the greatest things about this printer is price. I purchased this printer about a year ago at the Target about a couple of blocks away from my home for about sixty dollars. It is your standard all in one. Copy, print and fax. It also comes with a photo option.

One thing that I greatly appreciated was that it came with a few sheets of high gloss photo paper. The positive aspects of the Kodak 3250 are obviously price, photo capabilities, and the overall ease of use and design. Along with the printer itself being cheap, the ink is also the cheapest out there. I bought a combo pack of color and black ink for only seventeen dollars when I bought the machine.

The setup is the same as almost any printer. A USB chord connects the printer into the computer and an adapter to plug the printer into the wall. It comes with software, I don't believe it is necessary to install it, but it definitely makes maintenance a lot easier, and besides the software to run the monitor and maintain the ESP 3250 it comes with some cool, simple photo editing tools.

Another important feature of this all in one 3250 inkjet, which I guess is standard nowadays is the SD card slot. This is good if you have a laptop that isn't always connected to your printer. You won't have to carry around your laptop and plug it in every time you want to print something. A feature I wish the Kodak 3250 had that was on a more expensive model is the WiFi setup which allows you to set up your printer anywhere in the house and connect the printer through a wireless connection.

As far as the print speed goes, it's average. About twenty seconds for a full page. So far almost everything I've said seems really positive, but there are a few things to be considered.

When you first decide to use this printer you will receive countless error messages saying that there is a paper jam. There isn't. I guess it takes the inner workings of the device a while to "loosen up" so for about a few days you will have to load your printer a few sheets of paper at a time, and be careful about how you load those sheets of paper. If you place the paper a millimeter out of alignment it will cause the same error that says there is a paper jam when the printer hasn't even pulled any paper out of the tray.

Secondly; although the ink is dirt cheap in comparison to almost every other printer, it runs out really fast, so be careful to stock. It's kind of ironic how a printer designed to be able to print stunning photos can offer so little ink.

Lastly, the construction is not very durable. After everything I said I still think this printer is worth it. I suggest buying the ink on Amazon. I recently got some for just under four dollars. If you are extra careful and make sure you stock up on ink then I would say definitely get this Kodak 3250 inkjet printer. As far as features go you won't find another machinelike this for this price.

Oct 19, 2011
Bought The ESP 3250 After My All In One Dell Printer Died
by: Joseph Winston

Like thousands of others I had seen Kodak?s advertising blitz during most of 2010. Cost of ownership for their new inkjet photo printers was comparatively low and their ink cartridges lasted much longer than the average ink jet printer.

Yet I had a Dell all-in-one that I was fairly happy with and had read in various high tech websites that the Kodak ads were just a bunch of hype and cost was on par with their competitors.

However, fate was about to bring Kodak and me together. I raised the lid on the Dell to scan a document and it stuck. Without going back down it was impossible to print. I run a small online drop shipping business and a printer is absolutely essential for my livelihood.

As it was the Christmas season, December 26 to be exact, we went printer shopping. I am also retired from the Army and AAFES was having a huge holiday sale.

At their Fort Polk, Louisiana store, the Kodak ESP 3250, with coupons and discounts, was a tad less than $100. I figured why not, I?ll try it. After all, comparable will surely be no worse than any other. Besides, it too is an all-in-one printer and the scanning capability was also crucial for my work.

After ten months I want to say that I was pleasantly surprised with my purchase and continue to be happy every day. Setup is fairly easy and pretty much straightforward, although my new laptop with Windows 7 refuses to connect to the Kodak ESP 3250 as a network printer, even though my two older XP machines connected very easily.

It also has slots for memory cards, although I have never used the function. Printing is crisp and clear and the Pitney Bowes postage labels printed with the ESP 3250 color inkjet are so remarkable that the postal clerk commented its bar code labels are the easiest to scan from all she had seen.

Although I do very little color printing, from what I have seen the color is very sharp and lifelike. Scanning is very easy, although the old-fashioned flatbed scanning can only do one document at a time. It took nine months to replace the cartridges, estimating approximately 1000 pages.

I had forgotten to set the print settings for black and white only so I had to replace the B&W and color cartridges. However Kodak had a convenient twin pack with both styles for less than $25 at Wal Mart and it took less than five minutes to install them both.

This was in comparison to my having gone through three Black & White and one color cartridges for the Dell in 2010 at a total cost of over $100. Yet my quantity of printing was unchanged!

Loading paper and changing from paper to envelopes is accomplished in the front and is likewise a simple process. Printed documents are ejected through the front and there is a convenient tray so that the documents can be neatly stacked as they come out. After almost a year I am extremely happy with the cost and quality of my Kodak ESP 3250 All In One color inkjet printer.

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