Kodak ESP 5210 Wireless Color Printer

Kodak ESP 5210 Wireless Color Printer

by Betty Im
(Perris, California)

I am from Perris, California and I currently own a Kodak ESP 5210. I bought it at Wal-Mart. I’ve had it for about a year now and I have been using it ever since then. The printer itself was fairly easy to setup. It only required using the disk provided to install the drivers on the computer.

The unit supports wireless printing, but that proved to be more complex given that you have to manually type your SSID and network password on the Kodak ESP 5210 which takes a while.

Replacing the ink and placing paper into the printer is also easy the only problem is that the machine warns that it out is out of paper even though there are a couple of sheets still in the tray. Typically you would need 10 sheets in the tray for it can recognize that they are there.

The Kodak ESP 5210 can also scan but I recommend using other software to scan other than the one they provided you because it is just bloat ware. It crashes at the most random of times and it is often unresponsive. Although it can scan at high resolution making the images produced fairly decent. It also copies and no computer is needed for this function. You just place whatever document or image you want to scan on the glass and push the button that say copy and it’s all done.

The printer seems to conserve the ink so it does last a while and the ink has typical prices. It doesn’t cost a lot but it also isn’t cheap. One problem is that if you run out of color ink you will not be able to print anything regardless of what you are trying to print only requires black ink.

The Kodak ESP 5210 printer can also print from memory cards but I would advise against it if you many photos stored since it is a slow process in navigating them through the printer interface. In the last month or two the printer seems to have difficulty printing wirelessly so I had to switch over to a wired connection.

I don’t know if that is a result that I haven’t updated or that the printer’s wireless connectivity doesn’t work anymore. Overall the printer is average by today’s standards but it was cheap so you get what you paid for.

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