Kodak ESP 5250 Wireless Inkjet Printer - Useful All-In-One Printing

Kodak ESP 5250 Wireless Inkjet Printer - Useful All-In-One Printing

by John Morrow
(Muskegon, MI)

Kodak ESP 5250

Kodak ESP 5250

Not long ago, I purchased the Kodak ESP 5250 printer for using at home occasionally and I think it is the best Kodak printer on the Market. I am not really very technology oriented, and even I had no problems getting this printer up and running.

The directions that came with this color inkjet printer were easy to understand and follow, as were the on screen prompts when installing the software. It even tells you exactly how to add the paper! Nothing was left out.

It could not have been easier to set up. After spending years using other brands, it came as quite a shock that printers don't have to cost a fortune to run. The price of the ESP 5250 printer itself was outstanding, and then throwing in not having to spend as much as the machine originally cost for ink every month, and I was sold.

The printing was quick and efficient. I didn't have to stop and reload the device with paper every other minute, nor did I have to constantly change or shake the ink cartridge. The Kodak ESP 5250 does an amazing job at printing. The quality of the text comes out flawlessly and quickly.

So far, I haven't printed out any photographs, but I have no doubt that they would come out looking amazing. This all in one printer not only prints, but it also copies and scans items too. I'm not sure about anyone
else, but there have been the occasional time in life where I needed a photocopy of some page or another.

This Kodak all in one makes it possible. All you have to do is lay the paper you want to photocopy on the printer, and press a button. It could not be easier to do. Scanning seems to be just as easy. So far it's more difficult to know what to do with the scanned image than it is to scan the page in the first place.

I've only had this printer for a few weeks now and haven't gotten to spend much time playing around with all of the features, but so far it has surpassed all previous printers I have ever owned.

The price of the ink alone, along with how little ink you actually use, makes this Kodak ESP 5250 inkjet completely worth it. Two traditional ink cartridges would almost pay for the price of this printer. At first, I admit, I wasn't convinced due to its low price. I was definitely wrong! I bought mine online. That allowed me to compare printers side by side based on what I was specially looking for.

I had seen it in stores, but didn't want the hassle of sales associates trying to persuade me to purchase a more expensive printer. To anyone who is looking into buying a new printer, you can't go wrong with a Kodak, especially the ESP 5250 color inkjet.

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