Kodak ESP C310 - Nice All In One Wireless Photo Printer

Kodak ESP C310 - Nice All In One Wireless Photo Printer

by Christine Bowden
(Hickory Hills, IL)

Kodak ESP C310

Kodak ESP C310

Two years ago, I purchased the Kodak ESP C310 printer for my home. The printer, which I ordered online through Kodak and arrived in my home, in New York City, is color black. The ESP C310 is a printer; a copier and a scanner, with the ability to use different sized paper and adjust the printer paper insert area.

When I received the printer, it was very easy to connect to my wireless network at home and the process of installing the CD on my computer was very easy as well. However, currently, the printer will at times not connect to my wireless network.

At times, I have to turn the printer off and on, in order for it to print wirelessly. Similarly, I was easily able to connect an app on my iPhone to the printer and currently, I am able to print pictures from my iPhone.

The ink cartridges for the all in one ESP C310 are reasonably priced, compared to the cost of ink cartridges for my previous printer. The black ink lasts for approximately two months in my household, about two hundred pages; similarly with the color ink.

When the ink is running low, the machine signals that it is running low and I am able to purchase the ink in advance. Changing the ink cartridge is really simple and easily done.

However, afterwards, I also run a nudge clean on the printer, because otherwise, a smudge of ink appears on any paper printed. Paper inserted into the device tends to fold and fall forward, so I place a book on top of the printer, to prevent the paper from falling forward.

The printer quality is great, as is the scanning and copying. Although with black and white copying of colored material, the colored areas come our really dark black in the copy. In terms of printing, it takes a while to begin the printing process.

Approximately one minute after I hit the print button, then the ESP C310 begins to quickly print. Scanning material is really simple and the software is great, it scans clearly; although, there are no advanced options after scanning the material.

The controls on the printer are really easy to use and straightforward; I hardly ever use them, except to scan and copy.

Overall, the Kodak ESP C310 all in one photo inkjet is a great printer to use at home for typical printing needs; however, it is not a proper printer for a professional setting. I would totally recommend the ESP C310.

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Nov 28, 2011
Kodak ESP C310 - Hard To Setup The WiFi
by: Mary Soto

I have the Kodak ESP C310. I bought it because it was cheap but looked great! I found it a little hard to install but not terrible. The WiFi installing was horrible because you can't just type into the printer your WEP code, you have to also use the cd and your computer which is very frustrating.

Printing is kinda slow and fast, it all depends on if your just printing text or pictures. Because pictures of course take longer. And if you print lots of pictures your ink goes quick and costs you a lot more money.

It is very easy to add and remove old and new ink cartridges which is a big plus. The Kodak ESP C310 does require a lot of ink, one cartridge of black and one of color and the black ink is so little and you go through it very fast. It costs about $15 dollars for black and you will have to buy more black you can't just print in any other color - must have black at all times or it doesn't work.

I bought my Kodak ESP C310 in store at walmart. I bought it in May 2011 and I use it maybe once a month. I do love the memory card slot and the fact that it can scan and copy!

Printing is easy but very loud. The buttons on it are very simple and easy to use for anyone.

Loading the paper is easy but the part where it comes out doesn't hold very well...papers tend to fall on the ground. The print quality is amazing!

One feature I love about the Kodak ESP C310 is how you can print a poster! It will just make your picture or whatever you want as a poster into normal size print sheet and then you tape them together when you are done!

That makes it so easy and cheap for birthday parties if you a parent or just anyone throwing a party! It did come with cables but you don't need them because it has WiFi. Which I had already explained on that how hard it was for me. That could be a big factor for some people because they might not have a computer and using iPads or tablets these days.

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