Kodak ESP-3 All in One Printer

Kodak ESP-3 All in One Printer

by Linda Morning
(Fullerton, CA)

Kodak ESP 3

Kodak ESP 3

Last month, I purchased a Kodak ESP-3 All in One Printer due to a sale they were having at my local store. I have never owned a Kodak inkjet printer before, preferring Lexmark or HP, but it seemed like a nice, easy to use simple all in one printer, which was all I wanted.

It came in a huge box, fitting for it's size and was VERY easy to set up. It comes with the basic power cord and the USB cord to connect to your computer.

The installation disk was somewhat problematic. My computer would read the disk and try to load the information only to repeatedly pop an error on the screen. After several tries, we managed to install the disk, although never really sure if it was the installation disk or just my computer that caused that problem.

Once the installation was complete, setting the Kodak ESP-3 up on the computer was easy peas-y. Just enter your basic information and you're done. Installing the ink cartridges is also easy.

Simply open where indicated on the Kodak all in one printer and there it is. Very easy to find and no trouble in replacing the ink. The cartridges themselves are very inexpensive, ranging from black about $10.00 and color about $15.00. This is very cheap compared to what I've paid before for ink for my HP.

The ESP-3 inkjet printer does basic printing from web pages, also giving you the options to copy up to nine pages at a time with a 100%/Fit to Page button on top of the printer.

You can copy in color or black and white. There is also a scan option, which I don't use hardly anyway, but it's nice when a school project is due. Simply place the item to be scanned on the scanner,
close the lid and hit the scan button.

The image pops up on your computer screen and you have the option of importing it to a bonus photo application software program that comes with the Kodak installation disk and editing it or adding borders and cute designs.

Another way to edit your photos is to insert your memory card into the memory card reader and Kodak will pull up the images from the memory card and you basically select images to import.

The print quality isn't the best I've seen, but is passable for school assignments and coupon printing. I've noticed that sometimes words in black seem to blur slightly. It's noticeable, but forgivable since it's really not that bad and it only happens at times.

Color copies, like photos and other colorful items, are the slowest at printing. If you're not in a hurry, then this shouldn't bother you at all. The black and white images are relatively fast.

The Kodak printer status monitor automatically pops up on screen upon starting a print to give you the printing completion rate and to inform you of how much ink you have left.

This is handy, indeed. I would say that ink usage is about average. There have been times when I've run out faster than I thought I would but it just depends on how much printing you do and how much is used on each print.

All in all, the Kodak ESP-3 inkjet is a very good printer for the price, a bit bulky in size, making it hard to find a spot to put it, but I would recommend it if this is what you're going for. It does a fair job, not the best in the world, but I'm still using it and will continue to use it until it stops working.

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