Kodak ESP-7 Inkjet Printer Review

Kodak ESP-7 Inkjet Printer Review

by Donna Patterson
(Pocatello, ID)

Kodak ESP 7

Kodak ESP 7

I personally own a Kodak ESP7 All-in-One printer. The price was the first aspect of this printer that caught my eye as I am very budget conscious. As I explored the Kodak printer further, I was even more excited to discover that it offered network printing (so that it wouldn't have to be connected to any one computer in my home and could still be used by any device at any time) and duplex printing (printing on both sides of the page). After comparing the prices on ink cartridges, I was sold.

Installing the Kodak ESP-7 was a breeze and it detected my router's WiFi settings automatically. Within about 3 minutes of installing the device, I was up and running. It is a quality printer and it prints at a very reasonable rate, in my own opinion. So, my initial impressions were very solid.

Since purchase from the local Best Buy, however, I have become increasingly frustrated with the Kodak ESP-7 printer. Within a few months of purchase, the printer was suddenly unable to connect to the network (despite 80% signal strength). After about an hour in online Chat with Kodak - I had to use a network cable AND manually configure an IP to get the printer to work. It still does what I want it to do, but it was a hassle.

As for the ink cartridges, while they ARE cheaper than competitors - I seem to burn through them incredibly quickly. Add to the fact that the Kodak ESP 7 uses a multi-color cartridge (as opposed to the wonderful individual color cartridges employed by Canon) I find I'm always back up at Best Buy or Wal-mart buying new ink - especially if I print photos. So, I don't think I saved as much money in the long run as I thought I was going to.

All in all - the Kodak ESP-7 is a good printer, but if I were to go and need to buy another one - I'd go back to Canon.

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Jan 03, 2012
Awful Kodak ESP-7 Inkjet Printer
by: Cliffrob

This in a nutshell is the worst printer I have ever purchased. Print quality on photographs is poor, only slightly better on Kodak paper, still poor.

Tried to print a job on both sides of a good card, first side quality Ok, print other side and ink smudges and print is blurred looks like the card is soaked with solvent, even when left for days to dry the result was still same.

The Kodak ESP-7 printer decided not to see PC or Mac after ages messing about got Mac to see it but had to use USB cable.

Dare to install upgrades to software messes up its brain and needs connection with USB cable and then it cannot see computers without it. Poor paper feeding. Inks run out quickly and got colour cartridge not separate colours lower price on inks not effective as they use up quickly.

We used it as a photo-copier that was all it was good for AND THEN IT GAVE UP FEEDING PAPER. Gave error message paper jam but no paper jammed in it. I am really glad it is now dead and can get rid. I will never go the Kodak route again.

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