Kodak Hero 3.1 Inkjet Wireless Printer, Copier And Scanner

Kodak Hero 3.1 Inkjet Wireless Printer, Copier And Scanner

by James Payne
(Dallas, TX)

Kodak Hero 3.1

Kodak Hero 3.1

The Kodak Hero 3.1 printer is not that bad of a printer. It's definitely a step up from my old Kodak Easy Share printer. The printer not only comes with printing functions but also comes with scanning and copying functions.

You can even print your photos in 3-D! Another cool printing function is getting pictures from videos! There are a number of ways to print your photos and they are: the photos on your computer, from your MS, SD/HC, MMC card slots on the unit.

These functions are a little difficult to learn if it's your first time. But thankfully, the Kodak Hero 3.1 comes with a manual that gives you step-by-step instructions. The installation itself was easy. All you had to do was pop in the installation disc in your computer drive and follow the instructions.

Getting the machine started was hard. I had to make sure all the little cardboard and tape pieces were removed before I could even begin to put the ink in. You know the ink is in your printer when you hear a clicking sound. The ink is very cheap compared to our last one. Our last ink cost around $40 per cartridge but this one costs under $20 at Wal Mart.

The printing quality is great once you get your settings for your personal preference. I can see everything better on the printed image than I can on the computer. It's much brighter and much bigger (if you choose to do so).

If you are scanning a photo and then printing the photo it will take about a minute or so to print. Since it takes a few seconds to scan and then print. Just printing something online only takes a matter of a few seconds.

The Kodak Hero 3.1 Color Inkjet Printer I got from the store was having issues (vertical lines showing up in images that I printed). So I had to take it back but got a brand new one from the company at no cost to me. I got this printer during the Black Friday deals at Staples for about $200. Which is a steal compared to all the amazing things you can do with this All-In-One printer.

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