Kodak Hero 5.1 - Wireless, Economic And Really Great Quality Photo Prints

Kodak Hero 5.1 - Wireless, Economic And Really Great Quality Photo Prints

by Hattie Coomer
(Wakonda, SD)

Kodak Hero 5.1

Kodak Hero 5.1

I have a Kodak Hero 5.1 printer. I love it. It is by far the best printer I have ever owned. I have only had it for about a month and it is already my favorite. It is extremely easy to use, no difficulties at all.

Installation was twice as quick as any other printer I have had in the past. I'd say I have gone through about four printers at this point. This was my first Kodak device and I will be sticking with this brand for a very long time. I don't think any other printer manufacturer on the market can compete with it.

The quality that the buyer gets for the price they pay is the best I have seen. As for the basic information, this Hero 5.1 prints very fast and gives out high quality material. The supplies are extremely cheap.

Ink can be expensive especially if you work from home and need to print a lot of stuff. I recommend this Kodak Hero 5.1 printer because they offer ink that can be found at very low prices.

Another thing that I like is that the machine seems to make the ink last a lot longer than any other printer I have used. It conserves the ink and only uses what it must. To replace the ink is very simple. A young child could easily learn how to do it, which is good for those of us who are not too handy when it comes to those types of tasks.

The Kodak Hero 5.1 photo printer has some great extra features. The device has both USB and wireless connection. I love the WiFi. Kodak has started to work with Google and with a Google account you can send e-mails right to the printer.

The Hero 5.1 model has two slots for SD and MemoryStick cards. This makes it so easy to print photos from a digital camera or other device. The photos always come out perfectly clear. I bought this printer online on Amazon.com.

Like I said before, the price I paid is very good for the quality of the printer. I recommend this to anyone who is searching and deciding on what make and model to buy. The Kodak Hero 5.1 is the way to go.

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