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Kodak Photo Printers – High Quality Home-made Prints

Kodak photo printers are the specialty of the Kodak printer line. In fact, Kodak’s efforts in designing printers have been more or less entirely focused on creating photo printers that allow consumers to print shop-quality photos at home. Although many of their printers are marketed as "all-in-one" printers, their primary function – the one they serve best – is printing high quality photos.

Kodak’s range of printers go under the brand name Easyshare, which is shortened to ESP in the names of each machine (Easy Share Printer).

Common Features

One of the features almost all of Kodak’s photo printers include is a small LCD screen on which you can view the image you’re about to print. This is extremely useful for making sure you have the printer set up to print a photo of the right size and dimensions. It also allows you to check color quality and sharpness before you print. On some models the LCD screen also offers editing capabilities, but with others you can only edit via a computer.

As the Easyshare name suggests, Kodak have made user-friendliness and ease of use a priority, and that’s a goal they’ve achieved across the board with their photo printer range. Many of their printers allow for a simple set-up and one-touch printing directly from a camera or memory device, without the need to go through a computer.

Benefits Over Competing Models

Kodak’s range of photo printers overall produces superior quality prints compared to competitors producing inkjet photo printers. The ink and dye-sublimation printers produced by Kodak allow you to print photos of similar quality to those you’d get from a camera shop or somewhere like Wal-Mart. Inkjet prints tend to fade rather quickly and are a lot more vulnerable to smudging. Kodak’s photo printers give photos a protective coating which helps prevent damage from water and stains or smudge from food and fingerprints.

Consumer Responses To Kodak Photo Printers

On the downside, some of Kodak’s photo printers, such as the ESP 5, have been criticized for a lack of editing features within the machine itself. They’re more than enough for an average home user wanting to print a few family photos, but they can’t meet the needs of more serious photographers. Slow printing speed is another common criticism of this model, although Kodak addressed this with the newer ESP 5250.

Another common problem users have experienced with various Kodak models is a malfunctioning of the paper feeding mechanism. Some users end up having to feed paper into the machine manually, which is obviously very inconvenient.

Overall, though, Kodak printers do a good job of creating high quality prints at a relatively low cost. You can print longer lasting photos with a cheaper per-print cost on a Kodak machine than you can on most competing photo printers. Many consumers are also impressed with the multifunction aspect of many of Kodak’s photo printers, allowing new creative options for communicating and keeping in touch with friends and family.

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