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Kodak Printer Ink – Ink Innovations for Better, Cheaper Photos

Kodak printer ink is known to be amongst the best in the business. In fact, cheap and efficient ink and ink cartridges are one of Kodak’s biggest selling points when it comes to printers. Instead of trying to create the cheapest or most technologically advanced printers on the market, Kodak has instead tried to develop ink that makes their printers much less expensive to run in the long term, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

What’s Different with Kodak Ink?

Kodak has come up with several innovative features to make their ink more competitive.

One of these innovations is that Kodak has eliminated the need to replace print heads. Rather than replacing the entire ink cartridge every time you run out of ink, you simply replace the ink. This, of course, reduces costs in the long run since you aren’t constantly paying for new cartridges.

What’s more, Kodak has strived to maintain and improve the quality of prints while still making their ink cartridges go further. Kodak’s ink is pigment-based, rather than dye-based, for this reason. The theory is that pigment-based inks will last longer, whereas dye-based inks fade over time. This means you can create high quality photo prints that will maintain their color and detail for decades to come, and do it cheaper than what it would cost with a dye-based ink. This is due to the size and structure of pigment molecules, and the way they sit on the paper compared to dye molecules.

The use of pigment rather than dye provides another advantage: water resistance. One negative effect people find with printing photos from a photo printer using dye-based ink is that if the photos get wet, the pictures are often ruined. This isn’t the case with photos printed professionally at a store using pigment-based ink – so now you can produce your own photo prints with the same water-resistant finish of store-bought photos.

Customer Response to Kodak Printer Ink

So, how has Kodak’s initiative to provide high-quality, low-cost ink been received by consumers? For the most part, reviews are positive – Kodak has delivered what they promised. Kodak ink lasts a lot longer than other competing brands – up to twice as long in some users’ experiences.

The major downside to Kodak ink, of course, is its incompatibility. You can’t use the ink with another brand of printer. If you don’t own a Kodak printer, you’ll have to buy one to make use of the long-term savings and quality benefits of using this ink. That’s the catch. And of course, it works both ways – if you buy a Kodak printer, you’re very limited in terms of using other ink brands, as anything other than Kodak ink will produce poor quality images from a Kodak printer. So if you’re going to make the switch to Kodak for the sake of efficiency and quality, you have to be 100% certain that you’re satisfied with using everything the brand offers related to printers.

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