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Kodak Printer Paper – Affordable Paper, High Quality Prints

What’s different about Kodak printer paper? You might be under the impression that all the different brands of printer makers use the same paper, but Kodak have come up with a few innovations in their paper design that has led to better quality photo prints and lower prices.

This article covers the unique photo printer paper Kodak sells which allows consumers to create photo prints that look and feel like photos printed in a lab, plus some information on the document paper on offer from Kodak. Let’s have a look at some of the features of Kodak’s photo printer paper which set it apart from the competition.

Instant Drying

With most photo printer paper, you have to allow prints to sit and dry before you touch them, otherwise you can end up smearing the ink and ruining the prints. This isn’t the case with Kodak’s photo paper. The paper absorbs the ink straight away so that the prints dry instantly. You can then do whatever you like with them – frame them, put them in a photo album, or give them away.

Universal Compatibility

Unlike Kodak’s printer ink, which only works well with Kodak printers, Kodak printer paper is compatible with any commercial inkjet printer. So you don’t have to shell out for a new printer to enjoy the benefits of this printer paper – although you may find using a Kodak printer and ink produces better prints, and you’ll get better mileage from the ink you buy.

Types of Photo Paper from Kodak

There are different types of photo paper produced by Kodak. There are standard Photo Paper, Premium Photo Paper and Ultra Premium Photo Paper. Obviously, these Premium papers are more expensive but they also include extra features that help create better prints.

Standard Photo Paper is intended to be the basic type of paper used for normal photo printing. If you want something a little classier – to create a photo album, for instance – you’d use Premium Photo Paper, which produces a more colourful and "energetic" picture. And for professional prints or something like a wedding photo, you’d use Ultra Premium.

Standard, Premium and Ultra Premium also give you the option of two different finishes. With Standard and Premium paper you can choose between a glossy or matte finish. With Ultra Premium, you have the options of maximum shine or semi-gloss. If you’re just interested in printing home photos, you’re likely to only need Standard and Premium paper for most of your printing, but you may end up using Ultra Premium for a particularly special photo which you want to frame and put on the wall or give as a gift. Ultra Premium is the only paper offered in the 11 by 17 inch size.

Document Paper

As well as their range of photo paper, Kodak also produces two types of document paper. These are Everyday Paper and Ultimate Paper. Ultimate Paper is a heavier paper intended for use on important office documents such as presentation reports. Both types of paper are designed to allow brighter color printing.

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