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Try All In One Kodak Printers For Great Quality Color Photo Printing Solutions

Kodak printers aim to provide easy all-in-one solutions while being affordable both to buy and use over the long term.

For the most part Kodak has achieved these goals, although their range is relatively limited compared to many of their competitors.

Kodak is a brand name most often associated with film and cameras – and in fact the name came from the original cameras produced by what was then the Eastman Dry Plate Company, back in the 1880s.

The famous brand's slogan from the beginning, developed by founder George Eastman, was, "You press the button, we do the rest." This attitude is apparent with their color inkjet printers, which are largely designed to be as user-friendly and simple to navigate as possible.

Benefits Of All-in-One Models

Kodak ESP 7250 All-in-One Printer
ESP 7250
Kodak’s biggest selling point is the low expense involved in running their printers.

Although they don’t offer the best bang for buck in terms of upfront pricing on their printers, in terms of features and functions, they are very competitive when it comes to efficiency of ink usage.

But the company goes beyond efficiency of usage, attempting to beat all competitors in its pricing of compatible ink cartridges.

Kodak also claims its quick dry, no smudge dye-Based ink is more resistant to fading than the ink created by other producers.

Many of the benefits to be had from using Kodak's all-in-one inkjet printers come from the innovations they’ve made around ink and paper. Their use of dye-based ink, as opposed to pigment-based ink, is the reason their prints should last longer in theory (although only time will tell).

The company has also begun to produce a type of instant-dry porous paper for photo printing, designed to allow printing of top-quality photos quickly. These new innovations fall under what Kodak has branded as Kodacolor Technology.

Overall, if you need a color inkjet photo printer capable of producing highly professional-looking prints which is straightforward and easy to use, and comes with a few extra built-in perks like faxing, Kodak’s range may be worth looking at in greater depth.

They’re also a good option if you intend to print lots of photos and cost is a factor.

What Types Of Kodak Printers Are Available?

Kodak ESP 9250 All-in-One Printer
ESP 9250
As mentioned above, virtually all the printers manufactured by Kodak are all-in-one models. They have focused on the versatility of their machines as a selling point, rather than trying to create highly specialized models.

What the people from this brand do in terms of printer manufacturing may be quite limited, but what they do they do well. The all in one ESP 9250 color inkjet, for instance, costs as little as $149.99 and allows you to print wirelessly, send faxes, and scan and copy documents.

Their range is limited mainly to consumers – although there are a handful of office models designed with business users in mind. Even then, these machines are fairly limited to the needs of a home office environment.

The wireless ESP Office 6150 is one model designed to make life easier for a solo operator or small business owner who wants to make use of WiFi to print from their iPhone or Blackberry.

Many of the Kodak printers on offer have wireless features, and these models are competitively priced compared to some other manufacturers creating machines with similar specifications.

Dedicated High Quality Photo Printers At Home

If you want to print your own photos at home, then the solution is an Easyshare 500 or an Easyshare Printer Dock. Both these models allow consumers to print their pictures directly from their digital cameras.

Another older, but still solid all-in-one performer is the Easyshare 5300. An excellent buy if you can find one that was pre-owned and looked after.

Do You Own Or Use A Kodak Printer?

If you own or use a Kodak printer, then we'd like to know about it. How do you find it? Is it fast or slow? Was it easy to set-up? Are the consumables expensive? Please share your Kodak printer review with us below.

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