Lexmark 2400 Series Printer With Scanner

Lexmark 2400 Series Printer With Scanner

by Patricia Brown

Lexmark 2400 Series

Lexmark 2400 Series

The Lexmark 2400 series printer, purchased from my local Athens Wal-Mart, turned out to be of great value for my home. Purchased in 2007, I was surprised when I first purchased it that it did not require multiple ink cartridges. Unlike many printers whose ink cartridges cost about $30 for the black ink and $60 for color, I was happy to see that this printer used $20 all-in-one ink cartridge.

The price has since increased but at $27 a cartridge, it is still a steal. The only issue I find with the ink is often the printer says I am out of ink when I still have quite a few pages to go. The only issue I ever had with an ink cartridge was one time I got a faulty one that printed a yellow stripe behind my words like it was highlighted. It was a simple matter to fix as I just exchanged it for a new one at the store of purchase.

Another nice feature of the Lexmark 2400 is that it has a scanner attached to it. I find this useful in making copies of important documents and receipts. Also, this is great for uploading onto my computer, artwork that I have created and documents I need to e-mail others. This is very easy to use as it can scan without even being hooked up to a computer. All you have to do is place something in the scanner, press a button, and it will copy and print whatever you need.

While this machine is not in heavy use for business, I use it regularly at home. It has been very dependable for printing everything from tax forms to school papers. The picture quality is not Kodak photo quality but works well for most home office needs.

It only ever gets jammed if there is a user error and still works great. There are no fancy screens or menus to go through so it makes it easy for those who do not want anything with all the bells and whistles.

As far as ease of use, set-up is a snap. My family even has it set up so that I can print from my laptop computer as we were able to find and download the drivers for it on Lexmark’s website. The download is quick and painless even on Microsoft Vista which is notorious for being a bit picky as to which programs it wants to run.

I don’t plan on replacing this Lexmark 2400 printer any time soon and hope that my ink cartridges never stop being produced while my printer still works.

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