Lexmark 2600 All In One Inkjet Photo Printer Review

Lexmark 2600 All In One Inkjet Photo Printer Review

by John Garcia
(Sharon, KS)

Lexmark X2600

Lexmark X2600

I purchased a Lexmark 2600 printer from Best Buy a year ago when I began college. I asked for a small, all-in-one printer that would be good for a college student, and this is what the person at Best Buy brought me to.

It was pretty cheap for an all-in-one printer, it was only 45 dollars plus tax. So, I brought it home and unpacked it. It came with a quick set-up guide, the driver CD, the power cable, the USB cable, and the ink cartridges. So, I took out everything from its packaging, and got the set up guide. It was rather easy to setup, with easy to read, simplified instructions, with detailed diagrams.

The driver software was easy to install and helped me setup the printer. It had instructions for installing the cartridges, and aligning the cartridges, which was mostly done by the printer itself. The paper is easy to put in, you just place it in the back. The Lexmark 2600 printer has pretty decent quality, I have used it to print higher quality photos for projects, and use it almost every day to print out reports. It has a rather quick print time, normally printing a four to five page report in less than 30 seconds.

The first ink cartridges lasted me about 3 months, with a report being printed about once a week. The new cartridges were easy to find at Best Buy; they were just the generic Lexmark ink cartridges. They were not too expensive either, about 25 dollars for black ink, and 30 for color. The program also had a walk-through of replacing the cartridges, with easy to follow instructions and diagrams.

The Lexmark printer has many functions. It also copies and scans. The machine came with some useful software for these functions. It came with the Lexmark Photo Center, which includes tools for scanning photos and documents. The interface is easy to navigate, with simple options, and many configurations for whatever you may need your printer for. It also includes software that allows for scanned text to be opened in a word document and saved, which comes in handy.

Overall, this Lexmark is a very good all-in-one printer for the average person that will be printing documents and photos a lot. It is small, convenient, easy to use, and inexpensive both at the time of purchase and in the long run.

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