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Lexmark Printers – Quality Business Printing Solutions

When it comes to high-output business printing solutions, Lexmark printers are amongst the leaders of the pack. Lexmark's solutions are generally outside the range of needs of the average individual consumer, but they provide affordable and efficient ways of dealing with common written and communication challenges in the workspace.

Lexmark was born in 1991. It was originally the printer manufacturing wing of computer giant IBM. Lexmark have been big innovators in printer technology, developing the first printer with a built-in touch screen with Internet access. They were also amongst the leaders in developing wireless printer technology.

Benefits of Lexmark Models

Because Lexmark has largely steered clear of the consumer markets, it has been able to focus more investment and attention on developing larger, more efficient printers for businesses and other institutions. It’s because of this that Lexmark is able to offer such a wide range of business printing possibilities.

Because Lexmark is appealing to a business audience, their focus in designing products is on creating cost-efficient solutions. In particular, Lexmark strives to develop color printers which will deliver quality prints for an affordable cost of ownership.

In terms of printer speed, they fall a little behind their competitors. Most Lexmark printers can put out around 25 pages per minute, in black and white or color. If speed is an issue then Lexmark may not be the most ideal solution for your business, but what they lack in this arena is compensated for by the savings you might make in the long run over a faster model from another brand.

Types of Lexmark Printers

Lexmark’s range can be divided into the four following market categories:

Home and Home Office – Lexmark offers a fairly comprehensive range of units for home office users, with both inkjet and laserjet models and the choice of multiple extra functions like scanning and copying in the same machine. Naturally, many of Lexmark’s offerings tend towards the higher end of the price scale – but if you’re a low budget start-up, you can still pick up a printer with a basic range of functions for under $100.

Business Models – Lexmark has one of the most impressive ranges available for this segment of the market, with simple models from $100 right up through to advanced machines with price tags over $9000. In other words, regardless of your budget, business goals and printing needs, you’re likely to find something amongst this range that does everything you want. The range runs from the most basic set-up through to complex machines that print two-sided documents, link up to wireless networks, automatically decide on the ideal print speed and come with extra information security features.

Government and Education Models – Lexmark has shown an awareness of the unique challenges a printer needs to live up to when put to the test in a governmental or educational institution. They’ve created a range of convenient machines which are easy to set up in a network and are readily open to data input via USB. Many of these machines are also designed to be environmentally friendly, or have an eco-mode.

Popular Models Of Lexmark Printers

Here are some models from the Lexmark range which have stood up to the test when used in the real world of business.

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