Lexmark X2670 All In One Printer

Lexmark X2670 All In One Printer

by Briana Ballard
(Ft Lauderdale, FL)

Lexmark X2670

Lexmark X2670

The Lexmark X2670 All-In-One Printer is a low-cost (lowest online price: $35) multifunction printer that provides adequate service only if a user can not afford to spend more on a quality product.

One major problem with this printer is that only Lexmark brand ink cartridges can be used – no third-party cartridges are available. The result is that users will spend about $20 for black and $30 for color.

Another major flaw is that if one cartridge runs dry, the printer will cease to function, even if there is still ink in the other cartridge. Therefore a user would be well-advised to keep one of each type cartridge on hand at all times.

A related annoyance is the Lexmark X2670 printer's method of notifying the user that ink levels are low. The printer will temporarily hold up printouts for no apparent reason unless the user notices the tiny warning light on the printer or calls up the printer utility software to check the status.

A lesser flaw is Lexmark's failure to include a USB cable in the box. Although the manufacturer claims speeds of 13 pages per minute for black-and-white pages in normal mode, two to three pages a minute is what users will usually see. Color, of course, will be slower.

Print speeds are faster in draft mode, but black-and-white pages come out a washed-out brownish-red in draft mode. It takes longer for the Lexmark X2670 to start up when copying than for printing, long enough that users will wonder whether the printer is still working.

The printer is fairly easy to set up, with documentation provided in pictorial as well as written form. As a scanner the Lexmark X2670 is adequate, although Mac users will have to rely on OS X's Image Capture software – the scanning software provided with the unit is Windows-only.

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Dec 14, 2011
Lexmark X2670: Pretty Useless Cheap Printer
by: Janice A. Stephenson

When I got my tax returns in 2009 I purchased myself a brand new Lexmark x2670 all in one printer, copier and scanner. I thought I had gotten a great deal when I purchased this item at my local Wal-Mart store.

When I left the store I drove straight home to my apartment, which was in Worcester, Massachusetts at the time, to install my new printer station and see how the print quality was, and begin printing pictures. When I began to set up my new Lexmark, I quickly realized I was in for more than I had bargained for.

The printer’s software was not compatible with some aspect of my PC and I had to install, and call the help desk, and do many many things before I was able to complete the installation of my new printer, copier and scanner!

The Lexmark X2670 functioned properly in the beginning of using it, and actually seemed like a great printer. I began printing pictures from my families social networking sites, and frame them in my apartment. When I had to start replacing the colored ink, it was a pretty expensive trip to the store. And installing the ink was even harder. It took me over 45 minutes to install an ink cartridge into the printer.

I was also buying glossy paper to print my photos with, and that got expensive. After I replaced the ink cartridges twice, the printer started slowing down. It would shut down in the middle of use, causing paper jams, and say it was out of ink, when the ink was full.

The copier function on the Lexmark X2670 didn’t work after three or four months of use, and the fax machine was never tried. Eventually the print quality started to decrease, and the mechanical troubles continued. I took my Lexmark X2670 printer to a computer repair store and they told me that I could have it repaired but it would cost a great deal of money, and I would probably be better off buying a new printer. I had the printer up and running for about five months.

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