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OKIData Printers – Quality Laser Printers for Business

There is a wide range of OKIData printers on the market designed to meet various business challenges, from simple black and white machines through to multifunction devices and function-specific units such as label printers.

OKI Electric Industry began as a telephone manufacturer, building the first Japanese telephone in 1881. OKI Printing Solutions is the subsidiary in charge of manufacturing and marketing printers. Their focus is on creating printing machines for professional and business use, although some of their models are suitable for home users.

Benefits of OKIData Models

OKIData have focused on the more advanced end of the technology scale with their printers, choosing to put their efforts into develop laser and LED printers. They are also widely recognized as being leading manufacturers of impact printers in the U.S.

Although not a feature of the printers themselves, OKIData do offer a very comprehensive customer support system. Anyone who isn’t technology savvy knows how frustrating it can be when a newly purchased device doesn’t work the way it should and the customer service at the other end of the phone just isn’t up to scratch. If you’re not fully up to date technology-wise, knowing that support structure is there can be a major benefit.

OKIData’s commitment to customer service does have a practical impact on their printers, however. The company will attempt to customize machines in order to meets the particular needs of the customer – like Dell, they have recognized that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to computers and related accessories. They’ve already developed various printers designed to meet the unique needs of various industries.

One drawback of OKIData models is that they tend to be relatively pricey compared to similar competing units.

Types of OKIData Printers

The OKIData range gives customers a huge variety of options, most of which can be further customized.

Black and White Printers – OKI’s small workgroup black and white printers start with a price tag of $199, so they’re made for businesses who are serious about having their printed communications stand out.

Color Printers – OKI have attempted to design their color printers to deliver high quality results, allowing you to cut costs both on your current printing needs, and by doing more of your important print work in-house.

Impact Dot Matrix Printers – Many business people swear by the reliability and quality of OKI’s impact printers. OKIData have been leading the U.S. market in this area for several decades, and aren’t showing any signs of slipping.

Function-Specific Printers – OKI produce a range of high quality point-of-sale printers for receipts as well as label printers for barcodes, price tags and other signage. OKI have focused on making these models more compact than their competitors.

Multifunction Printers – OKI’s multifunction units provide some of the best all-in-one solutions available – and their price tags reflect that fact. But by purchasing one of these you can end up saving on buying a separate photocopier, and end up with better quality all around.

Popular Models Of OKIData Printers

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