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Panasonic Printers – Specialists in Dot Matrix Printers

The Panasonic printers range is somewhat behind their competitors in many respects. Panasonic are a general electronics manufacturer, and printers have not been made a priority in their product range. Panasonic’s only real strength in printer manufacturing is in its line of dot matrix impact printers.

The Panasonic Corporation was founded in Japan in 1918. Early in its history the company produced lights and, surprisingly enough, bicycles. It wasn’t until the 1960s that they moved into the television market in the United States, spreading further to Europe in the 1970s. Over the last four decades Panasonic has continued to expand the brand globally with speakers, digital televisions and various other electronics devices.

Benefits of Panasonic Models

Unfortunately for Panasonic, they are lagging in the printer market. The only competitive advantage they have is with users who need a high quality impact printer.

The dot matrix impact printer is a machine which is more akin in some ways to a typewriter than to a typical inkjet printer. As the name suggests, they print by actually impacting on the paper – this means these types of printers can be used for creating identical carbon copies of documents. Also, these printers are easily compatible with a long paper roll (as were used in typewriters) so you don’t have to print documents on separate sheets. Basically, these kinds of units are best in situations where a high volume of printing is necessary on a regular basis and for an extended time period, but where the actual quality of the printed product is not so important.

Impact printers are also known for being extremely cheap to operate in terms of per-page printing costs.

All that said, the modern inkjet printer has now largely overtaken dot matrix printers due to the superiority of inkjet in terms of speed and quality.

Types of Panasonic Printers

The range of printers available from Panasonic is very limited.

C3 Series – The C3 Series is Panasonic’s color laser range. The actual number of different models Panasonic produce is fairly small, but they do have a few innovative advantages on their side. Rather than create a wide range of units for different needs, they’ve focused on creating a few models that do virtually everything you might want a color laser printer to do. This includes functions like duplex (double-sided) printing, induction heating technology developed by Panasonic to make printing faster and more eco-friendly in terms of power use, and easy network and Web set-up.

Dot Matrix Printers – As mentioned above, Panasonic’s line is largely centred around this type of printer, and in this range they offer a lot more options. Overall, Panasonic’s dot matrix printers are a good option if the task at hand involves a lot of continuous printing. The range offered gives you a few choices between wide and narrow carriage printers, and various numbers of pin printing heads. The pin printing heads in a machine determine the quality of the printed documents and allow for the use of more detailed fonts, letters and characters from other languages.

Popular Models Of Panasonic Printers

Here are some of the models of Panasonic printers you’re most likely to run across in a modern office.

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