Ricoh Aficio 2018 Laser Printer

Ricoh Aficio 2018 Laser Printer

by Billings, MT
(Athens, Texas)

This Ricoh Aficio 2018 printer is an older model, but very effective and reliable. I have been pleased overall with its quality. The Ricoh Aficio 2018 is a combination printer, copier, fax, and scanner that I use on a daily basis. Since it is connected to a network, it was little time consuming to set up.

Toner is incredibly easy to replace and cost effective as well. I have to change my toner about every 2 months under heavy usage (approximately 1,000 pages printed per month). The toner is approximately $40 for one cartridge.

The print quality is decent for an older machine; the only complaint I have is that the printer does not offer color copies. One of the great features of this printer is that it prints, copies, scans, and faxes extremely fast.

This machine offers many different form feeders and paper sizes for me to be able to print the correct size for any given project. There are three adjustable trays that allow me to load different sizes of paper at once. The machine also automatically detects which size I need and takes the guesswork out of this task.

I purchased this Ricoh Aficio 2018 printer for my office about 10 years ago. It has been very reliable with only minor jamming issues. I have alleviated the jam problem by buying better quality paper that does not have film. I bought this through a direct Ricoh dealer locally.

I am also under a monthly service contract that offers service, support, supplies, and general troubleshooting that makes usage even easier. I have found that most network or printing problems is fixed by simply switching the machine off and rebooting.

The biggest thing that I do not like about this machine is the fact that 2-sided copies are not automatic. I must do this manually which can be time-consuming and also wastes paper.

Over all, this has been a great machine that I have had hardly any problems with. I highly recommend it!

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