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Ricoh Printers – Fast, Practical Business Printing Solutions

Ricoh printers are focused much more on speed and the practical aspects of printing, rather than the style and appearance of the machines themselves. With a focus on productivity and low cost of ownership, Ricoh have positioned themselves more as a business-to-business printer provider. Their range of consumer-friendly printers is less comprehensive than many of their competitors.

Ricoh was born in 1936 in Japan, with film being its original main product (the initial name of the company was Riken Sensitivized Paper). Since its inception, Ricoh has grown to become an electronics manufacturing giant through a series of intelligent acquisitions in new markets. The company’s focus is primarily on producing electronic equipment for the office.

Ricoh has also branded itself as an environmentally friendly printer producer, both in terms of its manufacturing and the impact use of their products creates.

Benefits of Ricoh Models

One of the big selling points of Ricoh models is the high pages-per-minute printing capabilities many of their printers boast. These machines are designed for businesses which require reproduction of large quantities of documents on a daily basis, with a commitment to quality and consistency.

Because they’re designed with business environments in mind, most Ricoh printers are also easily hooked up to an office network. This has obvious advantages for team situations, making inter-office communication much more simple and streamlined.

Types of Ricoh Printers

Color Laser Printers – Ricoh’s color laser printers are designed to be solutions for small businesses who want to do as much printing as possible in-house, maximizing quality while saving on production costs. This allows low-budget start-ups and small operations to avoid paying for expensive graphics early on, meaning more money can be poured into other urgent aspects of growing the business.

Black and White Laser Printers – Ricoh’s monochrome printer range focuses on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. For small office scenarios with a high need for text printing, these printers provide an affordable solution. One black and white printer, the Aficio SP 9100DN, even prints up to 75 pages per minute.

GX Series GelSprinter – The GX Series is Ricoh’s top-level printer range. GelSprinter is the technology developed by Ricoh to combine inkjet and laserjet printing. This is one arena where Ricoh stands out from competitors. Inkjet printers tend to be cheaper to run over time, whereas laserjet printers are faster – GelSprinters aim to combine the best of both worlds. The GX2500, for example, allows you to print up to 28 pages per minute in full color.

Obviously, from the perspective of a user looking for a multifunction printer which includes other features like fax or scanning, Ricoh’s offerings are fairly limited. However, Ricoh do manufacture the IS100e, a scanner which can easily be attached to their printers. But this is a relatively clunky solution compared to a true multifunction printer, and it requires extra cash outlay.

If you’re conscious of the effects the appearance of your office can have on morale and productivity, however, you may be put off by the clunky appearance of most Ricoh models.

Popular Models Of Ricoh Printers

Here are some reviews of popular printers from Ricoh.

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