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Samsung Printers – Network Technology Leaders

Samsung printers may not be the most innovative in terms of features, but they do a good job of delivering adequate results while bringing easy usability and better information management to the table. Samsung know they can’t compete purely based on technology or a wide range of options, so they’ve tried to turn their printers into products that not only print, but also make it easier to manage the workplace.

Samsung Group is based in Korea and was founded in 1938. The Samsung Electronics division is the world’s largest technology company. They manufacture products in a range of industries including consumer electronics, heavy machinery and construction. Despite that, their range of printers is a lot smaller than some of their more specialized competitors. They only offer fourteen different printer models.

Benefits of Samsung Models

Even with a small range, Samsung have thought outside the box on ways to give their printers a competitive edge. One of the innovations they have come up with is Instant Fusing Technology, which helps reduce energy consumption and speed up printing – although other printer manufacturers have developed similar technologies.

Some of the biggest advantages Samsung offer relate to networking and remote management. It’s this technology that makes Samsung models particularly useful in governmental offices or higher education scenarios, where a large network of computers may be linked to a handful of printers.

Samsung have added features to their printers which make it easier to monitor what the printer is doing from a remote location. The CounThru 2 system developed by Samsung also allows for more complex network arrangements to be set up without causing problems with the operation of the printer or printers involved.

They also have added security features, such as print job time-outs, which help ensure safety of important information.

For the average home user, a lot of these extra perks are unnecessary. Since you will typically be linking your printer to a single computer, security features and advanced networking capabilities are not relevant to your needs. Samsung printers for the most part are relatively slow, although some are highly efficient when it comes to ink usage.

Types of Samsung Printers

Samsung offers both single function and multifunction printers with black and white or color printing capabilities.

Single Function Printers – All in all, the major way in which Samsung printers stand out in terms of performance is through the mileage a single ink cartridge can give you. A $79.99 basic model from Samsung can give you up to 1500 pages per cartridge, whereas if you want to take a step up in efficiency, the ML-3471ND at $399.99 can give you 4000 pages to the cartridge.

Multifunction Printers – Samsung’s multifunction options include such technology as AnyWeb which allows for simple drag and drop editing, plus advanced copying features. Most of their multifunction printers include networking features, but overall they fall short of some competitors in terms of the range of functions contained in a single machine.

Popular Models

Here are some reviews of well-known Samsung models.

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