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Sony Printers – Quality Home Color Printing

Sony printers are generally geared toward the average home consumer who wants to print high quality color photos from a digital camera. Sony also manufactures very specific business printing solutions, such as passport photo printers and PictureStation digital kiosks.

Sony Corporation is one of the largest electronics manufacturers and media companies in the world. The company began in Japan soon after the end of World War 2 in 1945, and in the 1950s began producing the first commercial transistor radios. This early breakthrough is largely responsible for the trend towards personal consumer electronics devices over the last 60 years – and during that period Sony has spread into manufacturing a vast variety of electronics, both for consumers and businesses.

Benefits of Sony Models

Rather than providing a diverse printer range to appeal to all possible needs, Sony have chosen to focus on a few specific types of printing. The most relevant, for average consumers, is their range of photo printers (however, they do sell much more advanced models – the kinds of printers used in camera shops, with price tags in the thousands of dollars).

As well as creating standard photo printers for consumer use, Sony have also innovated new portable printers which are compatible with their other digital camera and camcorder products, making it easy to print photos on the spot. One other benefit of some photo printer models is a built-in LCD screen which allows easy viewing and editing of pictures before you print.

Another notable advantage of some of the newer photo printer products is that they provide a range of features normally provided by a computer, such as a CD burner. This means an avid amateur photographer no longer needs to rely on a computer to link up to their printer.

Beyond consumer printers, Sony also manufactures medical printers and a range of business, function-specific printers.

Types of Sony Printers

Photo Printers – Sony is leaning towards creating very compact printers that link up directly to image-capturing products. The trouble with these printers is that they tend to be fairly slow, sometimes taking over a minute to print a photo. They also aren’t suitable for large prints, as most only print up to a postcard-sized photo.

That said, they still produce a range of more traditional printer models, although most of these are now also ‘computer free.’ Most of the photo printers Sony produces involve features like Auto Touch-up, to remove imperfections from photos before printing. Some also include High Definition outputs.

Medical Printers – Sony produces imaging and printing technology for medical procedures such as mammograms and ultrasounds.

Kiosk Printers – Sony manufactures kiosk printers that print high quality photos on the spot. These are often used by events organizers or tourism businesses, who want to sell photos to people who have just experienced their service.

Business Printers – For stores requiring image quality good enough to create photos for identification or passports, Sony provides professional level photo printers.

Popular Models Of Sony Printers

Here are a few reviews of the top-selling Sony printing products on the market.

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